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How To Throw a Successful Garage Sale

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Garage sale items for saleWarmer weather often signals a time for summer parties, road trips, and of course, garage sales! Garage sales are a great way to remove your clutter and get some money back. In addition, it can offer a unique way to spend time with family and friends. To get the most out of your yard or garage sale, here are some tips from Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia and New Jersey.

Power Up

You’ll want to have power cords set up, especially if you have electronic items to sell, as people will want to test that your items are functional. There’s no need to go crazy with a bunch of cords though; one power strip is generally all you need. Don’t forget the batteries if you have smaller toys or electronics that require them. You could always charge extra for the batteries if you choose to as well. If an electronic item doesn’t work, many places will take your old electronics to dispose of them in a safe and environmentally conscious way.

Label & Sort

Labeling is one key to having a successful garage sale. Label areas, depending on how many items you have, such as a homeware section and an electronics area if it’s not clear. You can also label and describe more technical items if it’s a bit confusing.

Best of all, labels help you to set a price for your items. With prices clearly labeled, you’ll remember how much you wanted to charge for an item and will be able to easily open up a pricing conversation with anyone who tries to haggle.


Planning may not seem like fun, but a little bit of it can go a long way towards helping you to improve your garage sale experience. There are many things to consider, but here are a few ideas.

Realistically set a goal for your garage sale. Whether the goal is simply to spend time with family while clearing out your clutter, or if you are looking to hit a certain dollar amount, having a set goal can help determine how well your event turned out, which will lead to even more profitable garage sales next summer!

You’ll also want to pick a date and time that works for you. Many people choose a business schedule such as 9 am to 5 pm, but it’s your sale, so it’s up to you. Don’t forget to obtain any necessary licenses if your neighborhood or city requires it. From here you can plan your route for signs that you want to set up. You can even choose digital methods to advertise your garage sale, such as on Facebook or Craigslist.

Plan what you want to sell. Closets are an obvious starting place to look for items to get rid of but don’t neglect your entertainment centers, or garages. As you go through your home, start piles of what you intend to keep, sell, or trash. Any items that you do not sell can be donated. You might even start planning for your next organizational project.

After you’ve had a successful garage sale with these tips, take your organization to the next level by calling Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia and New Jersey. We proudly serve South Jersey and the Shore, Philadelphia, and Delaware. We want to help you cut out the clutter and create a home that is loved and organized.

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