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Tips for an Organized Vacation

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Summer is almost here and that means more pool parties, barbeques, and vacations. While vacations offer great ways to spend time with loved ones and explore the world, they also tend to be very stressful. Being organized is a great way to minimize your stress and allow you to fully enjoy your vacation. At Closet & Storage Concepts, serving the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas, we want to help you create an organized home and life. Here are some ways to get and stay organized for your vacation. Couple lounging on the beach relaxed


One of the biggest stressors is all of the planning that occurs before you pile into your car or arrive at the airport. To ease the stress, first, take a deep breath. Vacation planning can be exciting and helps to build anticipation for your trip. One way to combat against stress from planning is to find out the activities that you and your family are interested in. This way you can plan trips for each day you’re away and everyone will have a chance to do something they enjoy.

Fill your itinerary in day-by-day, and do it in manageable chunks. Determine your flight, or length of the trip first, then use that to get started on your accommodations, activities you would like to do, and so on. Before you know it, you’ll have your whole trip planned. Consider leaving a bit of leeway, as vacations don’t always go exactly according to plan, so leave yourself some wiggle room in your schedule for unforeseen events. When you’ve reached your destination just remember to breathe anytime you feel stressed. You’re in a beautiful part of the world and with people you love; enjoy it!


Packing tends to be another stress point for travelers. Here are some tips to make the most of your limited packing space.

Important Documents

If you fear that you will leave important documents at home, consider using a pouch or folder filled with your itinerary, copies of your passports and credit cards (helpful in the event that you are pickpocketed), along with a pen or pencil. Leave this pouch on your kitchen table, or even next to your phone to prevent you from leaving it at home.


You will want to pick items that are versatile and fit your trip. In most cases, you wouldn’t want to bring the hiking boots if you’re only planning on shopping and walking around a city. In order to reduce the chances of over packing try using a smaller luggage than you were planning to bring. You might surprise yourself with how many items you actually need.

If you’re having trouble finding the right clothes because of the mess, take a little bit of time to sort through the clothes to discard or give away items that no longer fit or that you no longer want. This will help you to gauge what needs to be purchased as you prepare for your trip.

Custom closet solutions are a great way to create a more functional and organized home. Apply these storage and organizational solutions to your suitcase as well. Consider dividing and arranging your clothes and accessories to maximize space. Packing cubes and jewelry pouches are a great way to store and protect your pieces as you travel. Flatlay of organized toiletries to pack

If you’re also having trouble finding all your toiletries, don’t neglect to clean under your sink and in your medicine cabinet. By cleaning up before your trip, you will feel clean, organized, and less stressed when you come back.

Be sure to check and follow security limits on creams, aerosols, and liquids to speed up the security process and limit your stress. Keep your children’s carry-on liquids or medications with you to speed up the process. Consider keeping them near the top of your bag or easily reached in your carry-on luggage so you’re not searching for them once you’ve reached the security belt.

Staying organized for your vacation is a great way to reduce stress and enjoy your trip. Use these tips before, during, and after your trip for happy traveling! If you need assistance in your closet, bathroom, garage, or anywhere else in your home, give Closet & Storage Concepts a call today. We provide free estimates for our customers in the greater Philadelphia and South Jersey areas.

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