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Items to Remove from Your Closet Now

Modern custom closet with minimal clothes


Modern custom closet with minimal clothesIf you feel like the walls are caving in on you, or your piles of clothes are about to topple over, it may be time for a purge. To maximize the amount of storage space you have, start by removing the wasted space in your closet in the form of pieces that you no longer wear. Read on for helpful suggestions on where to start your purge!

Clothes That Don’t Fit

It’s time to get rid of clothes that fit a little tight or too loose, or possibly even those pieces that you think are okay, but don’t really highlight your figure. By eliminating these pieces from your closet, you’ll leave behind clothes that you appreciate more, and that you know look and feel superb. You’ll have an easier and less stressed morning when you can grab an item without having to worry about whether it still fits.

Clothes You’re Afraid to Give Away

The fear of giving clothing away is often tied to the fear of a style coming back into fashion or for sentimental reasons. Don’t let these fears stop you from clearing out your closet! If you have your prom dress sitting in the back of your closet, it’s likely that someone could benefit from that garment rather than it just sitting there to remind you of your high school days. Say goodbye to the past, and that dress. Now, if you’re saving a garment specifically for someone, be sure that they do want the garment and you’re not just making an assumption. As sentimental as it may be to pass your wedding dress down to your daughter, she may want to make new memories in a more up-to-date gown. If you do choose to keep these items though, make sure you’re properly storing them, since improper garment storage can lead to damage in the long run.

Clothes That You Don’t Wear

This is the overarching theme for items to remove from your closet. No matter if it’s because you’re in a bit of denial that you’ll actually wear a piece of clothing, or because you’re afraid to part with the piece, just remember that these items are taking up space that can be utilized for clothes that you truly enjoy and want to wear. Say goodbye to those pieces for a more organized closet, better style, and less stress, especially in the morning.

Donating is a fantastic option when it comes to discarding old clothes. Other options include DIY projects such as creating a quilt so you can reuse the items in fun new ways. Once you’ve eliminated the dead space in your closet, take advantage of a like-new closet by investing in your future organization plans with a custom built solution. This not only helps to protect your clothes, but can also create more room for pieces that you love.

Organizing Solutions

Don’t forget to reanalyze your closet contents fairly regularly to keep your closet clean and organized. Once you’re ready to create a custom closet solution, just give Closet & Storage Concepts of West Berlin a call! We provide free, no-obligation estimates from the comfort of your home. 

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