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Tips for a Summer Ready Hallway or Mudroom

Beach towel in decorative basket

Is your hallway closet or mudroom ready for summer? If not, Closet & Storage Concepts of South Jersey is ready to help you get your home ready for summer.

We mention a hallway closet or mudroom because these serve as the entry and exit points in nearly every home. This vital part of your home is where you grab your coats and gear, and it provides the first impression you have when coming inside, as well as the last impression of your house as you leave. That means that this is one of the most important parts of your home when it comes to organization and storage. Winter coat in coat closet

Seasonal Swap

The first thing to do is to swap out seasonal items. This means storing away the winter items in order to bring out the summer ones. This could mean hauling the winter items to the garage or simply tucking them in a box that goes in a cubby in your closet or mudroom. Before you tuck them away, eliminate items that won’t last until the next winter, such as broken gear or items that have lost their other pair. Throw or donate old items that you may have stored from last year that don’t fit, in order to clear the way for better ones. Don’t forget to bring the sunscreen out and purchase new tubes if you have expired ones.

Once unneeded seasonal items are stowed, you can bring the summer goodies out. Summer gear can include swimming goggles, pool toys, beach buckets, and of course towels. You may normally keep towels in your linen closet, but consider keeping some of them near the entryway of your home for quick access heading out the door, or for access to clean up spills and sandy feet after coming back from the beach.

How to Store Summer Items

Beach towel in decorative basket

Having baskets and large bags to store all of your goodies in is a great way to keep things out of the way but still easily accessible as you go about your day. Labels are also a good way to organize your belongings and make things easier to find, and they’ll help to keep items in their places and not scattered throughout your home.

If you and your family have particularly busy schedules this summer, don’t forget to update your calendars both digitally and manually. You can always print out your child’s schedule for the summer (whether it’s for swim lessons, camps, or sleepovers) and post a laminated version near the door. This will help to keep your whole family running smoothly.

Add a Little Personality

Don’t forget to put your personal spin on your closet or mudroom! Choose fun and bright colors perfect for the sunny weather, or even bags and baskets that fit your design scheme. A little effort on the design front can help your closet or mudroom feel even more like a part of your home. You may even love this area more than your living room once you’re done!

If you need help creating an organization solution that fits you and your family throughout the seasons, the professionals at Closet & Storage Concepts are here to help! Proudly serving Philadelphia, South Jersey and the Shore, and Delaware.

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