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Guest Room Tips

classic relaxing guest bedroom with storage

classic relaxing guest bedroom with storageGuests are often part of summer, whether it’s for kid sleepovers or family visits. While their presence is usually welcome, the challenge of creating or sprucing up your guest room may not be. Luckily, Closet & Storage Concepts, serving Philadelphia and South Jersey and the Shore, is here to help you with some tips to make your guests feel welcome – starting with the guest room!

Sleeping Spaces

Sleep spaces are the principal factor when creating or sprucing up your guest room. The biggest concern we hear from clients looking to host guests in their homes is either the lack of space for a bed or an awkward room. Murphy beds, also known as wall beds, are a great solution for homeowners in these situations. It allows a room to have multiple purposes especially if you’re not sure where you can put a bed. Office spaces or even living rooms easily turn into a relaxing guest room with a Murphy bed. Outfit your guest’s sleeping quarters with fresh sheets to make them feel right at home.

With sleepovers especially, make sure you have plenty of cushions and pillows to make everything feel cozy. Toy tents are a fun way to do a little bit of “camping” and create a fun night for all parties involved.

Sensory Considerations

Appeal to your visitor’s senses by creating a pleasant ambiance with lighting, scents, and temperature.

Lighting is just one way to be a helpful host. Have lamps and lights perfect for a good reading session before bed, and have blinds and window treatments to block out the early morning sun especially for tired guests.

Use scents with candles or infusers to create a peaceful mood. If you know the scent preferences of your guests, even better; it can be a great way to personalize their stay and make them feel even more at home.

Temperature can play a big part in your guest’s comfort at night. In the summer, especially if you don’t have air conditioning, be sure to leave a fan or two in the room. Leave blankets or throws nearby in case it gets a bit chilly.

Welcome Basket

The final touch to your guest room should be to add a welcome basket. It’s a great way to corral all of the small items like the remote to the TV or fan, a few water bottles, or toiletries they may have forgotten to pack. The wi-fi password is another great thing to include. A basket is great to keep everything packed together and can make it easier when hosting again. Simply bring it out when you need it, and store it when you don’t.

Summer is an ideal time to spend with family and friends. Make the most of it with proper bedroom storage and hosting techniques. Need help creating a guest bedroom or simply need more storage? Call Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia today to schedule your free in-home consultation!

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