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Things That All Organized People Do

opening and organizing home storage system

opening and organizing home storage systemAlmost everyone knows one – you know those people with the pristine homes without a speck of dirt with everything tucked away. You may be thinking that it may be impossible to become one of them. Well now’s your chance. Here are some tips that we’ve found at Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia that many organized people do. Use them to help create a more organized home today. On with the list!

Use Every Inch

Organized homes, and people, look beyond their space to identify areas to add storage (a key tool in an organized home) whether that’s looking up, down, or around. Look for under-utilized areas such as over your doors, the dead space above cabinets, under kitchen cabinets (perfect for drawers to house cookie sheets), or even along your closet doors to find places to grow your storage.

And Customize

Customizing your storage system is a great way to really take advantage of every inch of your home. Whether it’s for existing rooms (such as a closet or kitchen pantry), or for new areas (in the living room), choose customized options to ensure that your storage units fit your needs. Storage units built around you and your life are more likely to be used and are more effective in keeping your space organized.

Practice the “Finish” Habit

This may be the most difficult tip to accomplish, but it can make the biggest impact. Many organized people have built their habits to “finish the cycle”. Not waiting to do things that can be done today reduces stress and clutter build-up. Whether that’s putting away the dishes before starting on a dirty batch, putting away your clothes in your drawers or closet after washing them, or recycling the junk mail as you sort, small acts of “finishing” can go a long way to maintain your home and cause less work to do in the future.


It may surprise you, but many organized and clean people actually cheat especially before guests arrive. They know certain areas to focus on to fake a cleaner space, or schedule a last-minute purge session, and they even cheat with their furniture. This goes back to the first point of using every inch. Find pieces that can pull double-duty and provide a stylish look to your home. Ottomans and benches are good first steps. A Murphy bed, or other space-saving bed, could help create a sleeping area when you need it but also leave storage and space when you don’t have guests.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating an organized home and be dolling out your own tips to stay organized. Start creating storage systems made for you by reaching out to Closet & Storage Concepts! We serve Philadelphia, South Jersey and the Shore, and Maryland. Call now to schedule your free design consultation!

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