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Create a Family Schedule and Planner

Open planner with pens and highlighters

Open planner with pens and highlightersAs the kids head back to school, you may find that it’s hard to keep all of the birthdays, presentations, and school events organized. We want to help you have a more organized life and not just with the storage solutions we create for your home. Here’s how to create a family schedule and planner with tips from the Philadelphia and South Jersey team at Closet & Storage Concepts.

Electronic or Paper?

Both methods have pros and cons. Use whichever method works for you and your family, and don’t forget to use both if you need to. Electronic methods can work particularly well when you’re on the go, and a standard paper calendar can be ideal to keep a visual reminder in your home for everyone to see. Remember that the goal when creating a master schedule for your family is to make it easy to keep track of events and to keep your time organized. Your planner should help you digest daily activities to minimize the feeling that you can’t accomplish everything you need to do in that day.

Communicate and Commit

You can’t create a schedule and planner for your family on your own. You’ll need input from all members of your family, and your entire family must commit to helping you keep the calendar updated with any new events that come up. If one member doesn’t do their part, it can create a problem and chaos in the system. Keeping a schedule for your family will help to maximize time for all activities. All members have to agree to communicate and commit to maintaining and updating the planner with new events to keep everyone on the same page, or else the planner may lose its usefulness.

Jot it Down

Once you know the events from your family, remember to jot them down on your calendar (on your phone or your planner). A planner is there to help you remember things on your agenda so you don’t have to – use it as a reference. You can start to see which days have more events, which will allow you to plan your time better. Use your planner to jot down meal ideas in the margin. This will help to reduce the hassle and stress of deciding what to cook and help you plan out what you need to buy at the grocery store so you don’t bring home unneeded items.

Creating a planner will even help to schedule your cleaning sessions or to schedule monthly cleanouts; it paves the way for you to have set times where you are busy to allow for greater control of your life. Our storage solutions help your home stay organized, use your planner to keep your time organized. When you need help to manage clutter and storage, be sure to call Closet & Storage Concepts, serving the Philadelphia, South Jersey, and surrounding areas. 

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