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Why (and How) to Hide the Tech

Cozy living room with book and mug

Cozy living room with book and mugThe team at Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia and South Jersey know that in today’s technological age it’s sometimes difficult to separate yourself from your devices, but today we’re focusing on why it might be helpful in your home to hide the tech and give you examples of how to do so.


Stop Post-Work Hauntings

One reason to hide the tech is to stop thoughts of work from creeping into your home life. Keeping your tech in plain sight can end up being a visual reminder of the work that needs to get done. This is particularly important if you have a home office. Simply finding ways to hide your computer or to store the paperwork can be helpful to keep a work-life balance.

Hide The Clutter

Clutter can play a part in the psyche of your life and in the atmosphere of your home. In addition, clutter from a cluster of cords, whether it’s in your office or in your living room cannot only be an eyesore, it can cause accidents like tripping. Hide the tech to create the appearance of a cleaner home.


Cord Manager

Use cord cables and other cord holders to keep cords in order. Cords often draw attention to a space – and not in a flattering way. There are a number of DIY and budget-friendly options to conceal cords. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn how to manage cords in your living room or home office if you find you need help. For more home office organization tips, start with this blog post on must-have office accessories.


Keep your tech hidden behind closets (perfect for creating a small office if you have a small space or home), cabinets, or even art. These are simple ways to hide pieces like a computer monitor, tower, or printer. Take advantage of what you already own to try to hide your tech.


If you can’t conceal it, try to blend it in with your environment. Some ways are to create a frame for a TV to make it look like a painting on the wall, or to try clever design hacks to make your technology look less invasive. The goal is to prevent and hide clutter for a cleaner looking space.

Go Custom

Don’t be afraid to go with custom storage organizers in your living room or home office; this will ensure that you have the perfect storage system to house all of your electronic items. The best part is, you can work with a knowledgeable designer like those at Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia, who know how to maximize your space with clever storage solutions and keep your technology concealed.

Hide your technology at home to feel more connected as a family and create a cleaner looking space. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts, serving the South Jersey, Philadelphia, and surrounding areas today to schedule your free, in-home appointment with one of our designers to create a home office or home entertainment organizer that’s built around your needs.

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