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Fall Garage Organizing

Garage full of clutter and stuff

Garage full of clutter and stuff

With the cooling temperatures and the leaves changing colors throughout the South Jersey, Philadelphia, and Delaware areas, you may be thinking that it’s time to bring your cars into the garage. Be sure everything is organized and will maximize your area first. Here’s where to start.

Rotate & Purge

With the shift in season and weather, it’s time to rotate your items and complete a purge. Put summer goods away and be sure to toss or donate items that are completely past usability whether it’s broken swim goggles, fraying beach towels, or crushed sand toys. Utilize bins and crates to keep like-items grouped together. This way it will also make future transitions a lot easier.

Increase Storage

The new season is a great time to start adding extra storage before the cold weather hits and you can’t find the snow shovel or snow chains. A few tips the Philadelphia team at Closet & Storage Concepts has to offer include considering unused areas like vertical and wall spaces, and even between vehicles if possible. Additionally, don’t forget to consider using materials that are sturdy and save space to help you create a system that works for you in the long run.Garage (6)

Unused Space

Go vertical and use a slatted wall or a pegboard to help you keep your garage free of haphazardly placed tools and toys. Slatted and pegboard walls are especially useful as you can customize them to fit your needs throughout the years with movable baskets, hooks, and add-ons. Don’t forget to use wall mounted storage units to help you create even more storage space. Overhead storage can be useful to really take advantage of every inch of space!

Magnets and wall brackets are a couple of holy grail garage materials that can help you increase the usability of your space. Magnetic strips can be placed under cabinets, along walls or cabinets, or virtually anywhere. They can be great to hold small metal containers for screws, nails, and clips, or simply to hold drill bits and other tools. This can help to save room in tool drawers while allowing easy access.

Brackets that usually hold bikes can also do wonders to stow away a ladder or even to hold recycle bins. Consider more unconventional materials to hold tools like shovels, hoes, and rakes. PVC tubes that are mounted on the wall can be a budget-friendly alternative to a tool rack.


Lighting plays a key role in keeping a space organized and for general safety purposes. This is especially crucial in a garage space and if you plan to use it for shop work! Be sure to switch out any old light bulbs and consider adding under cabinet lighting to help you as you do work. Lighting inside your cabinets may be overkill but incorporating more general light fixtures in your space could be beneficial.

Let the team at Closet & Storage Concepts help you transform your garage into a usable space for tools, toys, and of course your car! We proudly serve the greater Philadelphia, South Jersey and the Shore, and Delaware areas.

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