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Best Places to Store the Presents

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presents on a wood tabletopHave curious kids or a nosy spouse? Well, Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia and South Jersey is here to help you find some places areas to keep your gifts away from prying eyes. If you’ve recently completed a closet remodel or revamp of your storage units leaving no place to hide your gifts, we’re here to help.

Mislabeled Boxes

While we’re big advocates of labeling everything to make things easier to find, mislabeling the boxes where you place your gifts can throw gift explorers off course. Label the boxes with something like “Halloween decorations” or “Donations” to deter the box from being opened. Their presents will be right in front of them without you worrying about them being opened. Clear boxes are usually the best when storing items, but a good cardboard box can work wonderfully in this case.


This is a great place to stow your gifts because they are hardly ever thought of as a hiding place. It can be increasingly beneficial if you store your luggage in the garage. The suitcase can protect your gifts while it is being hidden. Don’t worry about the type of bag you have – as long as it’s big enough, you’re good to go. Just be sure to make sure you’re not going on vacation any time soon.

Dark & Scary

Anywhere that’s dark and scary is a prime area to hide presents especially if you have younger kids. Unfinished basements, attics, or a messy garage are great places to start. Do be careful if any of these areas are damp or see extreme temperatures as it could damage your gifts, particularly electronics. Simply place your gifts in boxes and store them in the darkest corners. For extra protection, try putting your gifts in an opaque garbage bag first.

Last Resort

If all else fails, go for the tricky double wrap or keep it locked away. Double wrapping your gifts can stop curious kids from seeing their gift even if they get past the first layer of defense. Ribbon wrapped tightly around the gift can also act as a deterrent.

If you’re still worried, keep them locked away in your closet or guest room. Change out the knobs for ones that require a key and keep the key hidden. Just don’t hide the key so well that you can’t find it. While your kids may know where their gifts are hidden, keeping them locked up will stop the snoopers.

Makeover Your Storage Systems

If you find that your cluttered home is helping you hide your gifts, it may be time for a makeover. Call in the Closet & Storage Concepts team to help you Make Room for Life®! We’re the preferred experts for custom closets and home storage furnishings. Proudly serving the greater Philadelphia, PA, South Jersey, and Delaware areas. 

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