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4 Tips for Making Minimalism Work With Kids

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If you’re a fan of minimalism, both in your design aesthetic and lifestyle, you may be wondering how to incorporate the lifestyle with children. After all, a clean and organized home seems like an unattainable goal when you add a child to the equation. With a few tips, you may find that it’s actually easier than you think. Don’t forget to call in your local professional organizers at Closet & Storage Concepts of Marlton, NJ if you’re running into a roadblock. minimalist and clean child's playroom

Lead By Example

The best way to encourage minimalism with your kids is to lead by example. If you start them off at a young age and are consistent when limiting possessions and creating a minimalist life, you are more likely to see your kids follow your lead. Stay strong and don’t be afraid to say no to another LEGO set. Organizing and staying clutter-free can build good habits as they grow older. Plus, it will keep your home cleaner.

Create Donation Days

One strategy to lead by example is to include your kids in the process of cleaning out and donating items. Do scheduled donation days to get the whole family involved. Having them pre-scheduled gives you and your kids structure. Get your kids into the swing of things by showing them how you decide to part with items in your closet or around the house. Make sure to encourage them to give things away as it can benefit other kids – it’s like sharing. Donation days are a great way to regularly purge your home of clothes your child has grown out of and of accumulating toys.

Let Storage Systems Do The Work

With kids, storage is key. Having the proper systems in place combined with your own efforts can help keep the minimalist design flowing throughout your home. Use the necessary storage units to keep stuffed animals, dolls, and crayons. Having designated areas for all of your kids’ belongings helps them keep their items literally contained. Only allowing them to keep what they can fit into their cubbies can help minimize the toys in your home. Built-in storage with sturdy doors to help conceal toys or books can help you give the streamlined look your aiming for.

Keep a Rotation Pile

In addition to using your storage units, try keeping a rotating cast of toys. The most loved items can be kept in your child’s room for easy access. Consider keeping a stash of toys for a rainy day tucked in your basement or spare closet. This way toys can be rotated and even “old” toys can take center stage again. Switch out toys as needed and abide by a one-in-one-out policy. You’ll keep the kid clutter to a minimum while keeping your home running smoothly.

Apply It In Your Home

Kids can get along great with minimalist living. Once you’re ready to upgrade your storage systems and let them do the work in your home, call Closet & Storage Concepts today. We serve a number of areas throughout South Jersey, Philadelphia, and Delaware. Give us a call to schedule your free, in-home design consultation!

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