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Essential Upgrades for Your Kitchen

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luxurious modern and organized kitchen

Considering a kitchen remodel in your Philadelphia, PA home this year? Here are just a few essential kitchen upgrades you should consider. See them in action by visiting our showroom and design center today! luxurious modern and organized kitchen

Cookbook Shelving

If you find that all of your cookbooks are ending up outside of the kitchen, try incorporating a place for them in your kitchen’s design. From a custom built-in with a little shelf under your island, or an allocated shelf in your kitchen cabinets, keeping them in your kitchen is sure to benefit you. You’ll create space in other areas of your home and it’ll be easier to find the recipes you need.

Concealed Gadgets

Give your kitchen a clean and streamlined look by finding areas to conceal your gadgets. For the tech, such as your phone or tablet, convert the junk drawer into a charging drawer. The drawer, usually lined with a non-slip liner, keeps those hard-to-tame charging cords neat and away from prying eyes. You’ll also keep your devices away from food splatters while giving your kitchen a neat and tidy look.

For the mixer or coffee maker, try an appliance garage. There are a number of options for you. If you simply want to hide the appliance on your counter you can try a modified door on your cabinets. There are tambour doors (the ones that roll up kind of like a garage) or ones that open and can be pushed back to be flush against the sides of your cabinets. Even a pullout mixer stand can make it easy to access your heavy-duty mixer.

Pantry Storage

Your kitchen wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t have the storage needed to keep all of your ingredients. Upgrade your kitchen by paying attention to the pantry. A customized solution with shelving and containers for your life is a great way to maximize your space and really give a luxurious touch. You may even be able to find a place to house your appliances.

Luxurious Touch

Go all out with your remodel by adding luxurious touches such as by upgrading your appliances. For more frugal touches, simply upgrading your countertop to the granite you’ve always wanted could be ideal. Painting your cabinets or switching out the hardware on your cabinets is another easy way to give your kitchen an upgraded look.


Many homeowners often skip over the lighting plans, but it’s crucial to creating the desired ambiance. It’s also essential when cooking – please, no kitchen injuries! Be sure to plan for this element in your remodel and consider improving it with under-cabinet lighting or even by simply upgrading your light bulbs to more energy efficient ones.

It’s Time To Upgrade

Make your kitchen more efficient by considering these upgrades and don’t hesitate to call Closet & Storage Concepts today to start creating your dream kitchen. We serve a number of areas including the Philadelphia-metro area, South Jersey, and The Shore. Visit our new showroom in the Marlton Crossing Shopping Center or give us a call to schedule a free in-home design estimate.

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