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Maximizing Limited Storage Space in Your Apartment or Condo

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Row of colorful townhouses

Row of colorful townhousesIf you’ve spent some time living in an apartment or condo, you know that space can be limited. At Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia and South Jersey, we understand your struggle. Today we are going to talk about some tips for getting the most out of your scarce space. 

Shoe Storage

If improperly stored, footwear can become one of the biggest flooring hogs in your home. Rather than letting your shoes pile up, wasting valuable real estate on the floor of your closet, consider a dedicated shoe-storage option. A rigid shoe rack will organize your shoes and keep them against the wall and out of the way, and a door-hanging model will free up your floor space entirely. There are better uses for the floor of your closet than shoes!

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Wall Mounts

When space is at a premium, keep in mind that some of your furniture and utility items can be mounted on the wall. A drop leaf kitchen or dining table can be mounted on the wall and folded away when not in use – and the same goes for your desk in your study area. Similarly, an ironing board can be wall-mounted as well to save closet space.

Other Hanging Options

hanging bike storage in a garageIf you’re a plant lover, consider hanging your plants from the ceiling rather than taking up limited table space. In your kitchen, free up cabinet space by mounting a rack for your pots and pans to the wall or hanging one from the ceiling. Your cookware will be easy to reach and you’ll have more cabinet space for your other storage needs. Also, consider the possibility of hanging large items like bikes and other sports equipment. These items tend to be bulky and getting them off the floor will definitely make your space feel bigger. 


If you need a guest bed but don’t have space for a dedicated guest room, consider a Murphy bed. When not in use, you can tuck the bed away to open up the room considerably, and many options are available with extra cabinets and drawers built in. Another option is to go with a futon or a sofa bed in your living room. These dual-purpose options are great for maximizing the use of your limited space and keeping you and your guests happy.

Shelf Organizers

If your shelves are packed and the items you store on them don’t use more than half of the vertical space, install some shelf spacers to effectively double your shelving area. These options often slide onto existing shelves without the need for hardware and increase shelf space while also helping you organize your belongings. This is an inexpensive and effective option that will expand your shelving storage.

Utilize Those Hidden Areas

Sometimes you need to get creative with storage. Think about the areas in your home where there is some unused potential. For example, if you own a condo, there is likely to be some inner wall space that could be turned into built-in shelving. If your home is multi-level, considering turning the space underneath your stairs into shelving or cabinets. And don’t forget about the areas under your furniture that can be used for storage. Beds, couches, and chairs often have wasted space underneath that can store smaller items, and many manufacturers make containers that fit nicely into those tight spots.

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Seating and Storage

Aside from storing items underneath some of your furniture, you should also consider other ways your furniture can save you space, or even add to your storage volume. Stackable chairs or stools can be put aside when not in use to save floor space and ottomans or short, box stools can be used for both seating and storage. You’ll be sure to have plenty of places to sit when you have company, and the items that you use in your main living space will be close at hand.

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Start Your Project

In addition to the tips above, Closet & Storage Concepts has a variety of solutions that will help you maximize your storage potential. From custom closets and pantries to entertainment centers, utility rooms, and garage and workshop areas, we have what you need to keep your things organized, your workspace workable, and your living space livable. If you’re considering new storage options, be sure to set up a free in-home consultation with one of our dedicated storage experts! We serve the greater Philadelphia and South Jersey areas.

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