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Spring Closet Organization To-Dos

Custom closet with island in NJ

Custom closet with island.Check closet organizing off of your to-do list with these tips from the premier closet experts in the Philadelphia area! Choose one or do them all to increase the functionality of your closet no matter what size or shape you’re working with.

Scrub Down & Clean Up

Almost nothing is worse than finding your favorite white shirt on the floor covered in a layer of dust when you’re trying to rush out the door. Take some time and tend to the cleanliness levels in your closet. Bring in the vacuum, get into the corners, and say goodbye to the dust bunnies. Now is also a great time to wipe down your closet’s shelves and drawers. A quick clean will remove the visual clutter and give a streamlined look in your closet.

Winter Purge

As you make room for this season’s pieces, it’s a perfect time to do a purge of your autumn and winter items. If you know pieces that you don’t want to return next autumn, say goodbye to them and donate! It’s also a great time to evaluate your accessories. Jewelry, belts, hats, and ties are often forgotten about and accumulate. If you haven’t worn a hat or belt for over a year, it could be a sign that it’s time to add it to the giveaway box.

Storing Out-Of-Season Clothes

After you’ve purged some winter items, get started on storing those out-of-season items. Determining the best storage solution will depend on your closet space. For example, newer Philadelphia homes and condos can feature luxurious walk-ins, whereas more historical homes generally have a smaller reach-in, if any closet at all. Smaller closets and homes generally require more creativity with their storage. Thick knit sweaters and long sleeves may need to be stored under the bed. For those with a larger closet, simply shift your winter items into drawers and bins farther out of reach. Custom closets with a glass insert on the front are great for providing protection from dust, while providing visibility for all of your items.

Figure Out a Storage Plan

If you’re finding constant excuses to put off a storage and organization plan in your closet, fix it! Stop twiddling your thumbs and get to work. Whether you just need a cosmetic upgrade with new storage bins or a complete custom closet overhaul, figuring out a storage solution will help you save time in the future. For a custom closet, be sure to choose a trusted company with a designer that listens and identifies your storage needs.

Apply to Other Closets

Don’t just apply these tips to your bedroom’s closet. Use them throughout your home, such as in your kid’s rooms so they can stay organized, too. Similar strategies can also be adapted to your linen closet, coat closet, or mudroom.

For all of your closet organization needs in Philadelphia, trust the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts. Come stop by one of our convenient showrooms to find a custom closet system that works for you and check getting organized off of your to-do list!

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