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5 Easy Steps for a Stress-Free Closet

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A clutter-free closet can improve your life in so many ways. The organized space will give you a quick, peaceful start to your day, the effects of which can last through your morning commute and beyond.

At Closet & Storage Concepts of South Jersey, we know it doesn’t have to be difficult to clean up your space and start reaping the benefits of closet organization. Read on for our top tips to creating a stress-free closet. luxurious custom closet system

Hang It Up

Making an investment in good quality, matching hangers will immediately de-stress your space. Not only will it give your closet more aesthetic appeal, but quality hangers can also improve the look and life of your clothing. Those cheap wire hangers that accumulate from the dry cleaners can leave dents in the shoulders of your clothes. They have a tendency to slip, and the lightweight hangers can easily get tangled up on a crowded clothes rod.

Shine Some Light on the Situation

Good lighting is essential for so many things in life, and your closet space is no exception. Bright lighting can make all the items in your closet easier to find, saving you time and relieving anxiety in the morning. No wiring in your closet? No problem. There are many quality battery-powered lighting options available today.

A Place For Everything and Everything in its Place

Utilizing all the surfaces in your closet will reveal space you didn’t even know you had. Wall space is often neglected and can be a perfect place to store hats, bags, scarves, and accessories. Install some simple hooks to hang larger items, and consider hanging a pegboard to organize and display jewelry and other accessories.

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

If winter clothes are still front and center in your closet, it’s time for some seasonal organization. Storing out-of-season clothes on high shelves or under your bed can help your closet breathe a little easier, and help you find the perfect outfit for a warm New Jersey day. When clearing out seasonal clothes, consider donating anything you haven’t worn for a while to charity.

Maximize Every Inch

Your closet may be much bigger than you give it credit for. Storing up and keeping a stepladder nearby can add valuable square footage to your closet space. And if you’re really ready for a complete closet overhaul, we’re ready to help you with custom closet solutions at Closet and Storage Concepts New Jersey. Our closet designs match your needs and décor to fit the way you live.

Use these tips to start de-stressing your closet this weekend. Your Monday self will thank you.

Closet & Storage Concepts in Marlton, NJ is your local choice for custom closets and other home storage systems. We’ve served the greater Philadelphia-metro area for 30+ years!

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