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3 Areas to Maximize Storage In Today

Custom entertainment center in Delaware

Custom entertainment center in South JerseyWe all want a home that helps us live more productive lives. Your home could be more functional with increased storage space and the right solutions. If you are looking to create a more functional home, pay attention to these three areas and maximize your storage areas.

The Living Room

With the kids on summer vacation, the Olympics to watch, and parties to host, your living room will likely be seeing a lot of activity this summer. It is often a place that stores games, toys, and home theater equipment. If you’re constantly tripping on toys, or over wires, it’s time to get your storage in line.

Utilize a media center that fits your needs. Simple units can be great if you stream a lot of your shows and movies and don’t need anything but a TV. For families with the latest and greatest games and technological toys, it’ll be key to find an entertainment center that can be flexible to your needs as new technologies emerge. Custom storage solutions are great for this as they can be built to your exact specifications to help you maximize storage areas. In addition, they can even be created with flexible shelving.

Toy storage can easily be tucked away into storage benches or with proper shelving and cubbies. Also, consider minimizing toys in the living area by keeping some toys contained in a child’s bedroom or playroom.

The Guest Bedroom

In many homes in the Delaware area, the guest room acts as a multi-purpose room. You can make it work for you with clever space-saving beds and helpful storage solutions. Murphy beds and wall beds all provide additional sleeping quarters for guests, without sacrificing your floor space. In addition, when combined with other storage units like shelves and a desk, you are able to increase your storage space.

Your Child’s Room

Growing children need enough storage space. Start by decluttering any clothes that are too small or toys that are gathering dust. When it comes to storage our team can help you create more storage. Storage that can grow with your kids is especially important. That’s why thoughtful solutions can help you create the storage space you need. Use adjustable shelving units with enough drawer space for the clothes they’ll grow into.

To keep the craft corner contained, be sure to use wall storage, bins, and clear containers. Pegboards are great as they are fairly inexpensive and allow flexibility in your child’s room.

Stop leaving valuable storage space sitting around. Make the most of it by starting with a free design consultation from Closet & Storage Concepts. Serving the greater Philadelphia, South Jersey, and Wilmington areas!

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