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Travel Essentials You Should Never Forget

No matter if you’re going for a month-long backpacking trip, or a short and sweet day trip, packing only what you need can help make your trip smoother and easier. Here are just a few travel essentials you’ll want to take into consideration before packing for your trip.


Travel Documents

This should be a no-brainer as you’re not likely to get very far without the necessary documents, especially if you’re traveling internationally. But if it’s happened to other travelers, it may happen to you. Prevent any possible disasters by printing boarding passes at home (or have them saved as a screenshot on your smartphone), and keep them with your passport. A little case or file can keep all of your items together. Just make sure your case or folder has a zipper to prevent anything from slipping out.

PJs, Swimwear, and an Extra Set of Clothes

These pieces should specifically be packed in your carry on. Having pajamas on an extra long flight can make going to sleep or getting as relaxed as possible much easier. In addition, having a swimsuit can be good if you’re going to a place with a beach or pool and your luggage is temporarily lost. This also goes for an extra set of clothes. Always bringing an extra set can help should your airline decide to lose your luggage.


Electronic devices are often essentials for many travelers. Whether you’re bringing along a GoPro, cellphone, tablet, or laptop, you’ll want to bring along your necessary chargers. In most cases, it won’t be a complete disaster if you forget yours at home since you can likely buy one from many major airlines or from a store no matter we are. It just means you’ll end up having a duplicate when you get home. If you’re traveling internationally, consider packing a small power strip. This makes it so that you can charge multiple items without having to buy a lot of travel adapters – you’ll only need one! This can be especially useful if you’re traveling with a large group.

Storage Bags

Even if you use packing cubes or some other packing method, it never hurts to bring extra bags for laundry or dirty clothes. Soft, reusable cloth bags are great for storing heels – it protects them without dirtying your other clothes, allowing you to pack more efficiently. Laundry bags are also great at multi-tasking. They can keep delicates and gives you a bag to do laundry at your destination. When you’re going home, just chuck dirty clothes in and it will be much easier to unpack!

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Photo by Ian Baldwin, under Public Domain (CC0 1.0).