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Makeup Storage Tips

If your bathroom cabinets and drawers are overfilling with makeup products, or you can’t see the top of your vanity anymore, it could be a sign that you need a better storage solution. Luckily your local custom storage designers at Closet & Storage Concepts in Marlton, NJ are here to help. Read on for some of our tips when dealing with oodles of makeup and skincare products. 

Do a Purge

Follow Expiration Dates

We’re sure you’ve heard it a thousand times, but it’s true. Items you don’t have don’t need to be stored. Completing a purge is one of the best ways to help you create more storage space. Let expiration dates guide what should go. After all, you wouldn’t want to consume spoiled eggs or milk, so why put expired products on your face? Products should be marked with a number in a little jar icon. This number tells you the recommended life of the product once it’s been opened.

You can also use your sense of sight and smell to determine what should go. If that mascara is dried up or that face cream smells just a little bit off, it’s probably time to say goodbye to it.

Use Your Cabinet Doors

Just like you use over-the-door holders for shoes and a towel rack, your cabinet doors can also help you create additional storage space. There are over-the-door hangers for straighteners and hair dryers. Affix small plastic tubs and containers to your doors to hold everything from eyeliner, mascara, or lipstick. You can even screw in metal mesh pencil holders to keep makeup brushes or other beauty tools.

Brush Holders

Brush holders with lids keep makeup brushes dust-free and clean, as they are not exposed to dirt. Some makeup brush sets come in handy travel cases which can help store makeup brushes even when you’re at home. You can repurpose glasses and pots to create your own brush holders.

Makeup Bags

Keep daily makeup in bags and keep them separated from your overall collection. Makeup bags can also be used to keep items separated by type. For example, foundation and concealer can be kept in one bag and eye items can be kept in another. If you get a lot of makeup bags from free samples this is one way to make them useful. Discard any bags that do not get used.

Keep it Stacked

Double your existing cabinet areas by using stacking bins or expandable shelves that let you split the vertical space you already have, thus giving you additional shelving square footage. Be sure to use additional containers to make it easier to see all of your items. You can usually get these types of shelves at a great price and they can even be used throughout your home like in a mug cabinet.

Check out our post on small bathroom organization tips to make the most of your bathroom. For all of your home storage needs, contact your local designer at Closet and Storage Concepts today! We serve the Philadelphia-metro area including the Philadelphia suburbs and South Jersey. Come visit us in our new showroom in the Marlton Crossing Shopping Center!

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