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Closet Organization Tips for Guys

Men's walk-in closet in Philadelphia

Men's walk-in closet in Philadelphia

A closet is often seen as a woman’s domain, but everyone can benefit from an organized space. Get tips to spruce up your closet with these storage and organization tips from Closet and Storage Concepts in West Berlin.

Purge, Purge, Purge

Purging and decluttering is the first step for nearly every organization project, and that’s no different when it comes to a men’s closet. Don’t be afraid to throw out that sweater that is stretched out, or that shirt you bought for that Halloween party ten years ago. If you haven’t worn an item in over two years, it can go.

Hang Properly

Pants, suits, and dress shirts should be hung properly to prevent creasing.

Use non-slip hangers to keep pants from falling off or use the Savile row fold, which essentially wraps your pants around the hanger. Use sturdy wooden hangers to maintain the shape of blazers, especially in the shoulders.

When you get dress shirts back from the dry cleaners, be sure to take them off the metal hangers. This prevents ill-looking creases along the shoulders. Take items out of the dry cleaning plastic bag. Leaving garments inside them can encourage moisture, mildew, and discoloration to your clothes; give them some space to air out and ‘breathe’.custom-closet-tie-rack-maple


Keeping accessories organized will make getting ready easier.


Ties should be hung on a pullout rack to make items easy to find. Each night, be sure to put your tie back in place rather than throwing it on the back of a chair or on the ground. You can also store ties in a drawer. Just be sure to fold and roll it in a way that prevents wrinkles. Use a special organizer to keep ties separated and easy to grab and go.


Pullout belt racks are also great for keeping belts. Hang leather belts to keep them from warping or wearing in an unnatural way.

Watches, Glasses, and Jewelry

After completing thousands of closet makeovers, we know that men love their jewelry just as much as women. Keep watches, sunglasses, and cuff links in jewelry insert dividers. Dividers that are padded and lined with a soft material help keep items shiny and protected from other jewelry pieces. Keep automatic watches in specialized cases or stands so your watches are always ready for whatever occasion.

Shoe Storage

Whether you’re a sneaker head or prefer oxfords and brogues, men can accumulate just as many shoes as a woman. Be sure to protect your investments and organize them. Use cedar shoe holders to remove mildew and odors when you’re not wearing your dress shoes. This is especially crucial for real leather pieces. If you’re storing them in a box, keep them in the dust bag they came in. This prevents fading and dust from settling onto your shoes. Use clear boxes and affix a picture of the shoes to the outside to make it easy to find certain pairs.

Shoe racks with lighting in your closet system can also be great for giving you visibility of all of your items.

Get organized today with the experts in the Philadelphia-metro area! Closet and Storage Concepts can’t wait to help all members of your family get organized in their closets.