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How to Make the Most of Awkward Closets

Awkward custom closet solution in Philadelphia

Awkward custom closet solution in Philadelphia

If you have oddly shaped or awkward closets in your home, our designers at Closet and Storage Concepts here in West Berlin can help you make the most of them. Nothing is too steep a challenge for them! Learn how you can maximize the functionality of your space by reading on.

Cornered In

Make use of slanted ceilings and odd corners. Specially designed corner units help you make the most of your space. Corner units can take a note from the kitchen by incorporating lazy susans or carousels for accessories like ties and pocket squares. If you opt for shelves in your corner units, this can be a perfect area for items like jeans and sweaters.

Vertical Considerations

Sometimes small closets have a lot vertical space – use it. Use shelves near the ground for shoe storage. Upper shelves can store out-of-season items, leaving the section between these shelves for hanging space. You can even store bags and suitcases up high, such as above your doorframe. Encompass your door with shelves for extra shoe storage.

Door Storage

Adding rods and hooks to the back of your closet doors can help eke out a few more cubic feet of storage space. Using hooks is great for scarves and handbags, or even shoes! If a swinging door would be too cumbersome in your space, a pocket door can be a perfect solution for you. For really small spaces, remove the door altogether in favor of a floor to ceiling curtain. This will let you conceal your items without needing as much space as a traditional hinged door.

Hanging Areas

Rather than one long hanging area, your awkward closet could benefit from multiple rods that are hung at different heights. This can be especially useful if you have a lot of separate pieces rather than long dresses. You can ditch a hanging rod all together in favor of shelving cubbies and drawers if that would suit your needs better.

Pull Out, Push In

Drawers and shelves that allow you to reach the very back of your closets with ease are perfect for awkward and tight spaces. Simply pull out the shelf when you need something and slide it back into place when you’re done.

Let There be Light

Narrow and small closets pose potential problems with visibility, especially if you have an old or historical home where the closets seem to be built for a different era. Make sure you have proper lighting to have full visibility in your closet. As a bonus, your closet can seem much more open and expansive. We can incorporate cabinets and shelves that are wired for built-in lighting to keep electrical cords out of the way. This will help to maintain a sleek, neat, and streamlined look.

An awkward or seemingly impossible closet is no match for our designers. Start getting the most of your closet with a complimentary design estimate. Stop by our Philadelphia-area showroom or give us a call to get started!