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5 Ways to Save Time on Busy Mornings

White custom closet storage in Philadelphia

White custom closet storage in Philadelphia

Everyone could use a little extra time in the morning. Whether you need more sleep, have to get the kids ready for school, or just want to get to work early, streamlining your morning routine can make it happen. Each of these strategies can help save anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes, depending on your habits, so be sure to give them a try!

1. Use a shower timer

Are you guilty of taking showers that are too long? A timer can help you get in and out quickly. Cheap options that stick to tile are a good choice, or if you like to sing in the shower, make a short playlist that will help you stay on track (when the playlist ends, it’s time to get out!).

2. Make breakfast ahead of time

Don’t waste time making an elaborate breakfast or stopping by the drive-through coffee shop. With just a little prep, you can have a homemade breakfast ready to go. Overnight oatmeal can be made the night before – just mix your oats with water or milk and let them soak in the fridge overnight. In the morning, microwave them and add your favorite toppings. You can also make big batches of muffins, breakfast burritos, or egg sandwiches and keep them individually wrapped in your freezer. On a busy morning, just grab one and pop it in the microwave as you put your shoes on!

3. Plan your outfit the night before (or have a uniform!)

Do you spend too much time deciding what to wear? Cut out those extra minutes by planning your outfit and laying it out the night before. Or, if you like to keep things simple, create a personal uniform. For example, a professional work uniform could consist of a pair of slacks, a striped shirt, a blazer, and black shoes. Buy multiples of each item and organize your closet with the pieces hanging by type (blazers, slacks, and shirts hung separately). When it comes time to get dressed, you can randomly select pieces to mix and match, without wasting any time.

4. Automate your coffee maker

If you’re a devoted coffee drinker, having a hot cup ready first thing in the morning could be a dream come true. If you want to save time, look for a coffee maker that can be programmed with a timer to brew on a schedule. All you have to do is put the coffee and water in the night before, leave the timer set, and you’ll wake up to the wonderful smell of fresh coffee.

5. Have your belongings ready to go

Have you ever been ready to walk out the door, only to realize you can’t find your car keys? Stay organized by having a designated area by your front door where you can keep your purse, keys, wallet, or backpack. A storage cubby in your entryway is ideal. When you come home, put your belongings on a shelf or hook so you’ll be able to find them easily the next morning.

Organized spaces can help speed up your routine. Call Closet and Storage Concepts for help with your closet or entryway – we serve homeowners throughout the Philadelphia area!