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Fall Closet Transition

Cozy autumn leaves with tea

Cozy autumn leaves with tea

The leaves are crunchy, the air is colder, and the Thanksgiving decorations are in stores now. Fall is officially here! Here’s how you can update your closet before winter hits here in Philadelphia.

Take Inventory

Before you begin re-organizing your closet, take inventory of your pieces. During this time, it’s also a good opportunity to purge both your summer and autumn pieces.

Get comfortable with letting go of clothes that you never wore. Depending on where and how long ago you bought it, you could try to return it for store credit.

If you have items that you didn’t wear last fall, say goodbye to those, too. Only keep items that you know that you can see yourself wearing this season. If an item needs some repair, set it aside and make sure to get it repaired within two weeks. If it’s not fixed in that two-week period, donate it and get it out of your closet.

Do a Switch

It’s time to finally remove the summer and lightweight pieces. Move chunky sweaters to shelves and cabinets that are at eye-level and tuck away summer blouses and short-sleeve t-shirts if you know you won’t be able to wear them. Also, put away swimwear and dresses. Only keep items like linen and easily wrinkled pieces hanging. Move these items towards the back of your closet and rotate coats, knits, and other button downs towards the front.

This same thinking goes for your shoes and accessories. Pull out the boots from storage and slip away the sandals. If you use under-bed storage, make sure you only put clean shoes away to keep bugs out of your home. Dig out gloves and hats that you’ve been storing away. Try to winnow down your collection if you have a lot of similar items; remember that you only have one head to put hats on!

Philadelphia custom reach-in coat closet

Move the Coats

Coats can take up a lot of space in a closet. If you can, try to keep bulkier pieces in a spare or entryway closet. For bulky ski jackets, try tucking them away in a bin.

Don’t Forget the Kids

Kids grow quick! Make sure their closet transitions with them this season. If you already purged and stocked up during back-to-school, re-evaluate their wardrobes and see if you need to stock up again. Maybe your child could benefit from another pair of slacks to rotate through. Or maybe that polo shirt really doesn’t fit. Now is also a good time to look at winter jackets and sports equipment to see if anything can be removed from their wardrobes. If they’ve outgrown winter jackets you may be able to start looking for a replacement before they will need it.

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Photo by Maria Shanina, under public domain (CC0 1.0).