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Preparing For a Party? Get The Supplies in Order

Thanksgiving dinner plate and table

Thanksgiving dinner plate and table

It’s not too late to start planning your Thanksgiving or holiday meal. Here’s how you can prepare your entertaining supplies and tools and stay organized if you’re hosting a get-together this year.

Air out the Linen

Start with the table and where friends and family will gather. No matter if you’re planning on bar height tables for a cocktail hour or a more traditional sit down around the dining table, make sure your linens are ready. Give them a wash or get a new set if you need to. While you’re ironing your clothes this week, iron your linens. You can place the tablecloth on your table a couple of days before the event.

Get Serving Platters and Dishware Ready

Speaking of setting a beautiful table, get serving platters and dishware out of storage. Before the big day, make sure to give them a rinse. This will remove any dust. Also, inspect for any chips. If you find any, you’ll still be able to run out and get a replacement ahead of time.

Polish the Silver

If you plan on making the occasion extra special and bringing out the silver, give it a polish now so you’re not rushing to do this on the day of the party.

Stock the Bar

Try a few different beers, ciders, or wine now to see what you want to serve for your event. This way you can stock up. Don’t forget to get a few alcohol-free options as well. If you have a designated bar area, make sure you have enough glasses, cups, and stemware.

Plan for Flowers

To help make your home feel more festive, flowers and plants can help set the mood. Make sure you have pots and vases to use or call your favorite florist to see if they can help.

Check Out Your Tools

Now is a great time to prep your cooking tools. Sharpen knives, throw out that ratty spatula, and bring out your pie tins and other cooking tools. Making sure everything is in working order today will make preparing and cooking much easier this season.

Custom pantry spice rack in South jersey

Sort Out Spices

Make sure you have everything you need for your menu. Check out your spices and sort through them. Double check your shopping list and add items that you’re missing.

Make Room For Life®

Get ready for the holidays by having tools close at hand with enough room to entertain. Our team can help you make more room in your pantry, your guest bedroom, or your entryway. Our space-saving designs and solutions are sure to help you get back to what’s important during the holidays – loved ones.

From everyone at Closet & Storage Concepts, we wish you a great holiday and entertaining season! Let us help you make the most of your home and time. Serving the greater Philadelphia-metro and South Jersey areas.

Photo by skeeze, under public domain (CC0 1.0).