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Remodeling Projects Worth Investing In

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Kitchen cabinet remodeling


Making improvements to your home can lead to improvements in your home life and your happiness, but home improvements often come at a cost. Before you start choosing which project you’ll be undertaking this year, it may be helpful to see what projects will give you the biggest payoff.


Give your bathrooms a fresh coat of paint and update the lighting and fixtures and you could have a bathroom with a whole new look. For a bigger and more expensive remodel, you could upgrade the flooring, expand it, add multiple spray areas and showerheads for a full body experience, and get a new vanity. Updated bathrooms are a great investment since many families are looking for turnkey homes. Bathrooms that are updated can also increase your home’s value, which is a great way to recoup the cost of your investment.


The kitchen is an area that many families love to entertain and gather in. Having enough counter space for prep work and tool storage and up-to-date appliances are great projects and items to invest in during a remodel. A modern kitchen with recent work is one less project for a potential buyer to complete and can increase your home’s value. You can choose some slightly budget-friendly options when it comes to your countertops, flooring, and backsplash to give your home an update without breaking the bank.

Traditional custom walk-in closet


Having ample storage space is an important feature for many buyers in the South Jersey area. From bedroom closet storage to cabinetry in the bathroom, people want to be able to move in and have a place to put all of their stuff. Upgrading old wire shelving units in your master or even making a reach-in closet more useful could help you sell your home and set your home apart from the competition. Custom cabinets and built-ins are great for giving an upscale look to your home. Plus, if you upgrade them while you still live in your home you’ll be able to benefit and enjoy them.

Curb Appeal

A little landscaping and fresh woodchips or mulch can give a home’s façade a brighter, friendlier, and thus more sellable appearance. Getting people in the door of your home is the first step to making a deal, so that’s why a little landscaping can go a long way and is a great investment to make when updating your home. Don’t go too crazy that you won’t see a return on your investment. A little elbow work to pot a few plants and trim surrounding foliage could be all the investment you have to put in.

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