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Digital Photo Clear Out Tips

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Deleting photos on your smartphone (or computer) can free up storage space and make it easier to find images. Consider these tips if you’re looking for ways to free up storage space.

Say Goodbye To Dupes

Practice make perfect, but that doesn’t mean that you have to hang on to those practice shots! For example, you may take 50 photos in various angles and lighting situations before you find the perfect one to post on social media. But you can say goodbye to the other 49 images that didn’t make the cut. When going through your camera roll or gallery, delete photos that didn’t work out and just keep the original. If you’re struggling with this, really internalize and evaluate if you need 50 almost identical photos.

Mac computer editing photoDelete Unflattering Pictures

When we say unflattering, we mean photos that don’t show off subjects at their best. From images that have red eyes, photos that capture someone mid-blink or just have bad angles, you can hit delete. Use this rule to help with this. If you wouldn’t want a photo to be on the front page of a newspaper, it’s time to clear them out!

For the rare exceptions, edit photos right away so less than perfect photos are not taking up valuable storage space.

Consider Relationships

Break ups with friends and romantic interests alike are never fun. If you stumble across a photo with an ex or something that you’d rather not relive, consider deleting it to make room for memories that make you happy.

Photos You Don’t Need

This should seem obvious, but we’ll mention it anyway. For photos that you no longer need, like photos of something you saw on sale or recipe clippings, just say goodbye to them! There’s no use hanging onto something that has either been resolved or that you no longer need.

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Cheat: Port to the Cloud!

Sometimes you just can’t bear to part with something. We get it. For these occasions, it can help to use cloud storage. Not only is it smart to use the cloud to backup photos and to clear out internal device storage, it’s a great way to keep extra images that you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to. Use folders and tags to keep things organized. Go through a few times a year to clear out memory and to make sure your digital photos are organized.

Decluttering your phone from unwanted to photos can be easier than you think. Go through your photo gallery while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store or at a coffee shop. Soon enough you’ll have an organized phone where you can find and share images easily!

We hope you’re feeling inspired to tackle your digital presence. To start making the most of your home, call Closet & Storage Concepts today. We manufacture and install custom home storage products for the greater Philadelphia and South Jersey areas.

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