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Spring Cleaning & Organizing Projects

Spring often brings showers as well as ideas and projects to refresh your home. Consider these from your local organizing experts at Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia.
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Line Up Yard Work / Organize the Garage

We actually recommend waiting to do yard work for a couple of months, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare to tackle your home’s exterior and other outdoor projects.

Waiting to do yard work could be beneficial since last-minute snow could still be on the way. Plus, disturbing your yard could harm bugs and wildlife that use leaves and other items during the winter. You could even mistakenly kill off some of your plants. Rather than removing leaves, you can organize your shed or garage.

Getting organized will make it easier and faster to tackle your exterior projects since you’ll have everything ready and prepared. Hang hand tools, sharpen pruning shears, even create a place for the potting soil. Using drawers or a slatted wall can keep tools and implements close, without it cluttering a worktop. Creating shelving and cabinets for potting soil, sports equipment, and other supplies can keep everything organized in your garage so you can still keep your car inside!

Consider Guests

Spring is a great time to prepare a guest room for the summer. Take time to change out linens and consider giving the guest room a makeover. Installing a Murphy bed is a smart way to use your spare room as more than a guest room! Even changing the paint color and doing a quick vacuum could help spruce up this room.

Clean Up the Cleaning Zones

Custom laundry cabinetsSure you can clean up your garage or guest room, but have you considered upgrading the areas that keep cleaners and detergents? The laundry room is an ideal place to start. Read a blog we wrote to organize this area.

Also, consider the kitchen pantry or under the sink. Getting a vacuum into the nooks and crannies and giving it a good wipe down with a disinfectant wipe is a great way to ring in Spring!


We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t suggest decluttering. From closets to the junk drawer, spring is all about starting anew. Make sure your wardrobe and your home follow suit. This is also an ideal time to begin transitioning your wardrobe towards warmer weather.

Start making more room for life this spring with Closet & Storage Concepts! We are the premier provider of custom home storage systems in the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas.

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