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3 Things to Know When Creating a Custom Entertainment Center

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Customized entertainment center Philadelphia

Customized entertainment center PhiladelphiaCustom entertainment centers have many advantages. They provide ample room to store a wide variety of items without taking up too much space. They blend in with the surroundings and there is no chance the center will topple over on an active child or a large curious dog. A built-in entertainment center can even add value to your home if it is done by an experienced professional. The following are three important things to be aware of before you create a built-in entertainment center for any room of your home.

Know What it Will be Used For

The first step in having a custom entertainment center built is to know what it will be used for. This will not only determine the size of the unit but also what type of storage is used and even what type of material it is built from. 

Shelves are often ideal if decorative items are going to be displayed. Glass shelves are particularly attractive in homes with a contemporary style of decor. Wooden shelves, on the other hand, are best for those who intend to store books on one or both sides of their entertainment center. Cupboards and drawers should be used if a homeowner wants to use the entertainment center to store DVDs, videos, and other items that typically don’t look good when displayed. A professional home storage company, such as Closet & Storage Concepts, can maximize available storage space by finding a design that holds all of your items.

Taking Measurements and Considering Dimensions

Consider the dimensions of the room carefully when choosing a custom entertainment center style. A wall-to-wall set may look great in a large living room or bedroom but usually does not look good in a small or medium sized room. Have a professional company take measurements and give a clear cost estimate to avoid unpleasant surprises. It is especially important to double check measurements for where the TV will be placed to ensure that the area is the right size.

Choose the Style and Color

Make sure your new entertainment center coordinates with your wall colors and furnishings. Light colors create a bright atmosphere while dark colors create an elegant and classy one.  The style should be contemporary if the home has a modern style of decor; on the other hand, traditional and old-fashioned entertainment centers look good in homes that have a retro or Old World style.

A custom entertainment center can be a great investment if done right. A homeowner should consider the many styles and color options, choose a style that will accommodate everything to be stored in the center and then have a professional company handle the work of creating a unique unit that is sure to enhance the decor of the room in question. Find solutions and explore design options by visiting our Philadelphia showroom!