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How to Hack Your Sleep Schedule

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Tired man trying to fall alseep

Tired man trying to fall asleep

If you’ve ever been awake at 3 AM because your brain won’t shut off, you know the struggle it can be to get a full 8 hours of sleep. Add young children into the mix and it can be even harder to get a good night’s rest. Here are a few ways you can hack your sleep schedule.

Organize and ‘Do as you Go’

Organizing as you go throughout your day saves you from thinking about all the tasks you need to do if you’re trying to sleep. This makes it easier to quell an active mind at bedtime knowing that everything for the day is squared away. Plus an organized home, especially in the bedroom, can provide peaceful thoughts making it easier to fall asleep.

Write Down To-dos and Ideas

Sometimes we have eureka moments right after we wake up or right before bed. Keeping a journal beside your bedside table is a great way to write down these thoughts and ensures that you won’t forget anything. Having this safety net can help take errant thoughts while you’re trying to fall asleep out of your mind.


Sometimes doing activities that are mindful of your health, both mentally and physically, can help make it easier to stick to a sleep schedule and get a better night’s sleep. relaxing in bathtub

Taking a warm bath and getting a few moments of silence can help revive your mind and body making for a relaxing retreat. This can make it easier to sleep as you won’t be cooped up with extra stress and energy when you’re in bed.

We spend more and more time on our digital devices than ever before. However, a lot of screen time can affect how our brains determine when it’s time to go to sleep. Doing a small digital detox each day can help foster better sleep habits and more restful sleep. Making sure to put phones and tablets away two hours before is a good way to transition your mind and body into sleep mode. Try amber glasses or screens, which is less stressful on eyes at night. Some phones even have a night time mode that tints a screen an orange hue to help with this exactly.

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