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How to Teach Your Kids to Keep Their Rooms Clean

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Child cleaning up room and toys

Child cleaning up room and toys

Teaching your child how to keep his or her own room organized not only makes less work for you but also provides your young one with a valuable life skill. Following are some tried and proven ways to help your child learn how to organize his or her own bedroom without being nagged.

Create Charts

Children need to know exactly what needs to be done. Make a chart that lists daily and weekly jobs so your child knows exactly what is expected. Younger children do well with a chart that allows them to put a sticker up each time the room has been properly cleaned and organized. Charts are a great visual tool for kids that help show their accomplishments.

Make Time for Organization

Have a set time every day for your child to organize his or her room. It could be done first thing in the morning, when your child returns home from school, or at night before bed. Talk with your child and pick a time that works well with your family’s schedule.

Don’t allow your child to put off organizing his or her room. Once you have agreed on a time, stick to it unless there is a good reason to change the time. Watching TV, playing games, and other activities should only take place after their room has been tidied. 

Create Space

Custom closet child's reach-in PhiladelphiaIt’s hard to keep a room clean and organized if there’s not enough storage. Buy shelves, hanging organizers, and bins so your child can keep toys, clothes, accessories, and other belongings sorted. If their room is small and the closet doesn’t offer enough storage space, consider investing in a custom closet such as those offered by Closet & Storage Concepts. You may also want to consider a wall bed or multifunctional furniture that can age with your child.

Get Rid of Clutter Periodically

Help your child de-clutter his or her room on a regular basis. The days after Christmas and your child’s birthday are good events to look at old toys, clothes, and belongings and decide what to get rid of. Help your child decide what to sell, give away, or simply throw out. If a child’s old items are sold at a garage sale, consider allowing him or her to keep the money as an incentive for helping to declutter.

Organizational skills will serve your child well no matter what career path he or she chooses. Children who learn to make their beds and clean their room before playing are learning the importance of prioritizing. Such children also come to understand the importance of cleanliness and organization as they benefit from the calm, peaceful atmosphere that an organized room has to offer. Work with your child to create room cleaning rules and reward him or her for keeping the room clean on an ongoing basis.

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