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Storage Solutions for Multi-Generational Family Homes

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Multigenerational Family Relaxing at Home

Multigenerational Family Relaxing at HomeHomes are no longer just for parents and their immediate children. Across Philadelphia and New Jersey, more people have multi-generational living arrangements. Older parents are moving in with their adult children and their young families. Aunts and uncles are finding spaces with their relatives of all ages. With many people living under one roof, you need to have versatile storage designs that can accommodate everyone. Check out the following storage solutions offered by Closet & Storage Concepts to help you keep organized and everyone from fighting for space.

Small Wardrobes for Busy School Children

Kids tend to place their things everywhere, especially when the school year begins. One of the worst things is trying to find their shoes, favorite shirt, or school books five minutes before the bus shows up. You can add a bit more organization to their lives with customized wardrobes or cabinets designed for them. These wardrobes are smaller in size and perfect for children who are ready to dress themselves. There are cubbies and drawers for shoes, school supplies, and books that can be easily grabbed right before they head out the door. In addition, you can add a small wardrobe just for their school things so they don’t have to go scavenging in other drawers throughout their room.

Hallway Linen Closets for Seniors

For older relatives, you want to make organizing your home easier for them. Things should be within reach, easily accessible, and ready to be used the moment it is pulled out. Hallway linen closets that are shorter in nature are appealing to older generations. By placing linen closets in hallways near bathrooms and kitchens, it allows quick access to towels, washcloths, bed sheets, and a range of other items. You can also store baskets with smaller things such as flashlights, batteries, and light bulbs.Custom dark media center Philadelphia 

Entertainment for Everyone

Everyone will have their favorite movies, music, and games. Having the ultimate entertainment center can fulfill each family member’s particular tastes. You’ll be able to create a home entertainment system that can have Blu-ray and DVD storage, and shelves for CDs and game cartridges. All of your entertainment items can be separated based on each person’s interests so they can find what they are looking for anytime.

You can make your home functional and beautiful for every generation of your family. There is a wide range of customized wardrobes, cabinets, and shelves that can be made to fit perfectly in your home. Let Closet & Storage Concepts in Philadelphia design solutions that will provide you with the upper hand when organizing your home and eliminate the clutter. Then you will be able to please your family and have a multi-generational home where everyone will feel comfortable in.

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