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Home Office Storage Ideas

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Modern home office storage

Modern home office storageIf you’re lucky enough to have a spare room in your New Jersey home, take advantage of it by turning it into a home office. No matter if you work from home or just need a designated area to catch up on bills or do some online shopping, making it feel productive yet personal is possible. Get home office storage ideas from the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts below.

Files and Personal Information

Many home offices need to hold paperwork such as mortgage or loan agreements, insurance documents, or bills. Keep documents secured and locked with file drawers. Our slide out drawers can be designed with wood fronts, offering a more stylish look than your average metal file cabinets. 

Consider Cords

Today’s technology-driven world mean that cords are inevitable in an office. Keep cord clutter to a minimum. Bundle them up with flexible and reusable ties, or hide them. Specially designed cabinetry can minimize cords from appearing and cluttering up your worktop.

Think About Workspace

Consider the number of people working in the space. If your kids will be sharing the space, or if you’ll be working with your kids, make sure you have enough space for each person. Multi-person spaces can be created by creating work zones for each person. This will give each person their own space. Keep in mind that the work areas should be tailored to their needs.

Hello Command

An office can become a command station for busy families. Have a shared central calendar hanging so everyone can see it and use it to write down important upcoming events. You can use hanging file sorters to keep organized. You can dedicate each slot to a particular person so you can keep track permission slips, birthday invites, and bills. Tidy office drawer with divider

Choose Containers

Use mason jars, small pots, baskets, and bins to keep crayons, paper, yarn, and other craft supplies. When it comes to paperclips, thumbtacks, or binder clips, use small containers or dividers to corral them in a shallow drawer or shelf in your office.

Don’t Neglect Design Styles

An office should speak to you and your style. Infuse small personal touches like photos of your family and friends, or choose plants and flowers that add a touch of nature to your space. When it comes to choosing furniture, our units can be customized in any color, finish, or material to match your design style. From cherry wood to a bright white, we can make sure your space matches your style.

Turn your inspiration into reality with our designers! Proudly serving the greater Philadelphia and South Jersey areas including Cherry Hill, Moorestown, and the Shore, give us a call or visit our showroom!

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