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Ask Yourself These 3 Questions Before You Redesign Your Closet

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custom closet design organization Philadelphia New Jersey Delaware West Berlin

custom closet design organization Philadelphia New Jersey Delaware West BerlinWhile we respect the impulse to just dive in – and while being spontaneous can be a good way to jumpstart your motivation – there are times when it’s essential to do some strategizing before you embark on a big organization or design project in your Philadelphia, New Jersey, Maryland, or Delaware home.

Closets are notoriously challenging when it comes to design because there are so many criteria to meet: they have to function well as storage spaces, make it easy for you to find your belongings, keep your clothes organized, and (ideally) look good enough that you actually enjoy using them. That’s why it can be a little risky to start a closet redesign if you haven’t taken mental inventory of what’s important to you.

The design professionals at Closet & Storage Concepts of West Berlin are here today to suggest three essential questions you should always ask at the beginning of your design process. Let’s get started!

What Are My Habits?

Do you walk in the door and immediately shed everything on your back, or are you the kind of person who can make it to the closet to hang things up? Are you prone to the dreaded clothes-pile, or do you like to stuff things into a drawer? Do you prefer to hang up purses, belts, ties, and other dangly accessories, or do you like to set them on a shelf? Remember your answers here – they’ll help with the last question.

What Does the Future Hold?

Without triggering a full-on existential crisis, it’s a good idea to ask yourself some basic questions about changes that might affect the way you use your closet. Getting a pet? Kids on the way? Considering a wardrobe overhaul? Garage sale coming up? Maybe things are getting serious in a relationship and you’ll be sharing a closet with someone special? Planning to acquire some new sporting goods? Any event that drastically increases or decreases the number of belongings you have will warrant some consideration and budgeting of space.

What Customizations Would Help?

Now it’s time to leave the general considerations behind: what kind of special tools or upgrades would streamline your morning routine? For some people, the answer might be a closet island, while for others it would be a custom jewelry drawer that helps organize and store small items. If you’re going to do a redesign, you may as well incorporate some features that are tailored to you and your space.

Transform Your Closet

If you’re not sure what accessories are available, let the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts of West Berlin help you come up with a plan and find the right customizations! We offer free, in-home consultations in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware areas, so schedule a visit today.

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