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Shoe Storage Spaces: Perfect Places for Footwear

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Of all the clothing and accessories your family uses on a daily basis, it seems that shoes are the ones that migrate the most throughout the house. There will be rain-soaked shoes in the mudroom, muddy shoes in the laundry room, slippers in the bathroom, and loafers in the den. Kids also like to shed shoes when coming home from school and you may find a trail of footwear down the entryway hallway.Built-in mudroom shoe storage Philadelphia

Getting rid of shoe obstacles so people don’t trip and fall will improve your home’s safety and provide a neat and tidy appearance. Instead of constantly picking up their shoes and carrying them into other rooms, you can create ideal shoe storage spaces in separate rooms. This strategy will allow people to find the footwear they want immediately and put the shoes back when they are done with them. A reputable home storage company such as Closet & Storage Concepts in Philadelphia can provide you shoe storage design ideas that will fit seamlessly in any room.

Mudroom Storage for Garden and Play Shoes

Garden shoes and old sneakers likely won’t be cleaned every single time a person goes outside. These should be stored in a well-ventilated area that allows the shoes to air dry. Shoe cubbies underneath benches or in coat closets can let you keep the shoes off the floor and in individual cubbies.

Laundry/Utility Room Cubbies for Shoe Cleaning

Work and school shoes occasionally need to be cleaned, polished, and fixed so they are ready for the next day. The laundry or utility room is a perfect place for shoes especially if it’s near an exit or entry of your home. Store shoes in lower cabinets with pullout shelves; upper shelves can keep laundry detergents or the dog leash. Cubbies can also work well. A double duty cabinet where you can sit to put shoes on is an extra special touch. Dedicate a cubby for shoe polish, brushes, and cleaners so everything is in one place.

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Entertainment Room/Bedroom Storage for Leisure Shoes

If you are a family who abides by the no shoes in the house rule, you’ll want to have a designated place in your entertainment room, bedroom, and entryway to hold slip-ons and slippers. For other day-to-day shoes, shoe racks can be incorporated in bedroom closets so everyone has a place for their own footwear. Be sure to use rails to keep shoes in place if they are tilted (allowing for increased visibility). In entertainment rooms, an entertainment system can have a lower cabinet with a small basket inside to store slippers for guests.

Are you looking for the ultimate shoe storage solutions for your home? Contact Closet & Storage Concepts for an in-home consultation. We can help you better organize your home with the right custom storage system that works perfectly for your needs. Proudly serving the greater Philadelphia area.