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Modern Custom Closet Design

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Modern philadelphia custom closet tag hardware

The beauty of custom closets is that they can be molded to fit your unique needs and designs, whether you are looking for something more traditional or something bold and modern. If you are leaning towards a modern design, then keep on reading! Your Philadelphia experts at Closet & Storage Concepts have tips on how you can achieve a modern look in your custom closet

Modern philadelphia custom closet tag hardware

Hallmarks of Modern Design

Keep these traits in mind when you’re designing your closet.

  • Clean and functional
  • Orderly
  • Seamless

Keep Lines Minimal

Maintain a seamless appearance throughout your closet by opting for flat-panel cabinets and drawer fronts. This style works well in a modern design since it is functional and provides a visual look that is unobstructed by other lines.  This same rule should apply to door and drawer pulls. Choose simple lines over anything ornate. A simple line often works well rather than more organic shapes.

Mix Textures & Color

Modern designs also mix textures. You can pair natural woods with shinier metal rods and pulls. In addition, you can even use glossy textures on select drawers or cabinets for a unique contrast. Color is often used sparingly in modern custom closet designs. Choose a punchy accent color like orange for a bold look.

Consider Function

Tilted hidden hamper closets philadelphiaFavoring function over form is a hallmark of modern design. Everything from materials to shape must be considered. At Closet & Storage Concepts Philadelphia, we offer a wide range of durable materials such as high-density thermofoil to real solid wood. This gives our clients a wide range of choice for their design and budget needs.

In addition, your closet needs to have a purpose and keep you organized. Modern designs tend to be clutter free and have a place for everything. Consider using accessories like hidden hampers or pullout mirrors and ironing boards to further enhance your closet system. Accessories that can be tucked away provide a seamless and uncluttered look.

Infuse Technology

Interior design often followed technology during the modern era, and many artists and designers were incorporating cutting-edge technology to improve functionality and quality in their designs. Use this as inspiration by incorporating wall safes, lockable drawers, and smart lighting in your closet.

No matter the type of design that you want to achieve, Closet & Storage Concepts is your local choice for custom closet designs and inspiration. Come stop by one of our two Philadelphia-area showrooms today!