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Why To Install a Wall Safe in Your Custom Closet

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wall safe with a spin lock

Closet accessories are a great way to provide extra functionality to your custom closet. One item that our clients choose to install in their closets is a wall safe. Although it’s not common, we think it’s a great way to add security. Here are three reasons to consider installing a wall safe if you’re remodeling your closet. wall safe with a spin lock

Protecting Hard to Replace Items

Some items may not cost thousands of dollars but would be difficult if not impossible to replace. This includes legal documents such as your passport, social security card, marriage license, birth certificates, and old credit cards. A safe is also a great storage spot for sentimental items like jewelry or mementos. Additionally, it can be used to store hard drives that have pictures and documents on them. 

Preventing Theft

While many people use a wall safe to store a multitude of items, a discrete closet safe is usually harder to find and more secure than one hidden behind a picture. Thieves know that wall safes can be hidden behind a picture, and won’t hesitate to look behind pictures to find one. A closet safe is much more hidden, which can help prevent theft.

Safety & Ease of Access

Surprisingly, it can be safer to store your valuables at home than it would be to keep them in a bank safe. This is because a bank can drill and remove contents in a safe for any questionable reason. During this process, they can damage or prevent you from accessing your items. In addition, having a wall safe in your closet makes it easy to access your valuables if you need to. Getting access to your safe in a bank can be difficult since you have to go during business hours and there can be a wait.

It is not difficult to install a closet safe in your home. Companies such as Closet & Storage Concepts can help you build additional storage and security around your wall safe. We can even help you identify and good location that provides the perfect balance of ease of access and security. Stop by our Philadelphia showroom to learn more about our closet storage solutions!

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