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5 Reasons Why You Need Custom Garage Storage

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custom garage in Philadelphia

The garage is often a go-to storage space, but this also means it can be easily overrun with clutter. Items get misplaced easily, and when the time comes to retrieve something it can feel impossible to locate. If you relate to this, then perhaps it’s time to give Closet & Storage Concepts a call. Everyone can benefit from a garage makeover, but a custom-made storage solution may be a priority if your hobbies require extra space. Read on for five reasons why you may need a custom garage for your Philadelphia or South Jersey home.

custom garage in PhiladelphiaYou Are Outdoorsy

Perhaps you love hiking, or you are an avid cyclist or kayaker. Whatever your hobby is, you need a storage system that fits. All our units are constructed in our own factory, allowing complete customization for your needs— from hanging bike storage to maximum capacity cabinets.

tool storage in PhiladelphiaYou Use The Space For Craftsmanship

Whether you enjoy woodworking or fixing up old cars, you need your garage space to complete these projects. Add a new workbench with built-in shelves and drawers, use pegboards for tool storage, and place additional equipment in large storage cabinets. Enhance your garage so it is easier to perform your hobbies and complete your projects.

sports equipment storage in PhiladelphiaYour Kids Are Athletes

In the fall your kids may be preparing for football and volleyball. Then winter comes, and they transition to basketball and soccer. Finally in the spring, they are playing baseball or track and field. If your kids are highly involved in athletics, then a custom garage may help maintain your sanity. Hanging sports racks, tall cabinets, catchall bins, and varying shelving heights allow you to store sports equipment during the off-season.

gardening supplies storage in PhiladelphiaYou Love Gardening

Do you have a green thumb? Whether you tend to a vegetable garden or native perennials, you have plenty of tools to keep in order. Use hanging storage for shovels, garden forks, and hoes, place aprons and totes on hooks, and add custom drawers for pruners and trowels. Don’t risk misplacing your items. Instead, transform your garage into an organized and functional space.

storing seasonal supplies in PhiladelphiaYou Have Lots of Seasonal Supplies

In the winter it’s not unusual to go all out with holiday decorations. Later, summer rolls around, and your family breaks out the kiddie pool and water blasters. Whatever the season, you may have the supplies to make it fun, but struggle with storing everything once the season ends. These items are no match for our team of Philadelphia garage storage experts. Use custom garage shelving and cabinetry to hold all your miscellaneous items and keep your garage clutter free.

Get started on your garage storage solution by calling Closet & Storage Concepts and scheduling your complimentary, in-home consultation. Our design associates work with you to Make Room for Life®.