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Tips to Tame a Small Linen Closet

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small linen closet with sheets

small linen closet with sheetsA linen or hallway closet is probably a place in your home that desperately needs organization. Just about everything gets placed into the small space. You might find vacuum cleaners, batteries, extension cords, extra phone chargers, television display cords, and instruction manuals for every furniture item that you had to put together yourself. Here are some storage tips to tame the chaos so you can find the items you need.

Separate Items Based On Use or Room

Small linen closets usually do not have an abundance of cubbies or shelves. Instead, you might have one hanging rail, and all your stuff is stored in boxes on the floor. Now is the time to get everything separated and grouped together in a logical manner. You can group items based on what they will be used for, such as cleaning supplies or seasonal items. You can also group items depending on which room they are typically used in, such as television cords and speaker manuals for the living room or extra toiletries for the bathroom.

Custom Floor-to-Ceiling Closet Organization

Closets or utility rooms come in all shapes, sizes, heights, and depths. With so many variations, it can be difficult to find shelves and bins that perfectly fit your space. A floor-to-ceiling custom closet design can help you fully optimize the area as you’ll be able to use every inch of available space. A custom storage manufacturer such as Closet & Storage Concepts Philadelphia can evaluate the space and your organizational needs to develop a closet storage system that works best for your lifestyle. Fabric storage bins on shelf

Open Shelves and Cubbies

Open shelves give you easy access to bins. See-through baskets allow you to see your items so you aren’t riffling through boxes. Small loose items that could roll off shelves, such as flashlights, bulbs, and batteries, can be placed into small baskets. Place seasonal items on higher shelves so they are out of the way. Store everyday items on lower shelves and at shoulder height for easy access. Adjustable shelving also works when you have long and bulky items, such as vacuums.

Hooks Can Keep Floor Space Clear

Many items, such as brooms, mops, small cleaning brushes, and dustpans, will have holes on the handles. Attach straps or hooks so they can be hung on the wall. This helps you use empty wall space and free up floor space. If you have a swing out door, this is a great way to use up what you have available.

There is a wide range of storage design ideas so you can keep your utility closet organized. Contact us today as we can provide an in-home consultation and provide you with additional storage options. Proudly serving the Philadelphia-metro, South Jersey, and Delaware areas.

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