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Is the 100 Thing Challenge Right For You?

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minimum clothes in closet Philadelphia

minimum clothes in closet PhiladelphiaThe 100 thing challenge has been gaining in popularity in the past few years with the rise of minimalism. It’s a great way to pare down your possessions and can be adapted to suit your lifestyle. If you want to drastically cut back on the number of items you own in order to live a happier more relaxed life, take a look at these tips.

Start with Your Wardrobes

Clothes are essentials; however, that does not mean that you need multiple outfits for every single season of the year. In fact, some minimalists say you probably only need about 10 outfits for any given season. Use this as a guide to cut help you cut back on the number of clothing items you own. Start by discarding anything you haven’t worn from the last year, including clothes that you hope to fit into someday in the distant future. Next, get rid of items that are stained, have holes in them, or that you know you won’t wear in the future.

Take a Look at Your Kitchen

Many appliances found in modern kitchens are not used day-to-day. Get rid of items that you don’t use regularly or give them away to someone who would be happy to receive them. Reduce the number of dishes you own. After all, you can always buy disposable dishes if you’re hosting an event. Go through non-perishable food items you have in your pantry and discard anything you don’t intend on using in the coming year.

Go Digital

It is especially difficult to apply the 100 Thing Challenge to a home office filled with paperwork. Digitize important information so you always have it on hand and then get rid of unnecessary files and papers. Discard extra office supplies you don’t need and get rid of any machinery or equipment that isn’t regularly used. Some adaptions of the challenge count paperwork as one item.

The Aftermath

Naturally, not everyone can get by with only 100 things. In fact, many people who take up this challenge “cheat” by counting a collection of items (like all your socks) as a single item. However, even if you own more than 100 items at the end of the day the fact that you now have far fewer items than before is still a win.

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