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Maximizing “Dead” Space With Storage

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luxurious living room with built-ins

You feel like you’re running out of storage space. What can you do? Built-in storage and cabinetry is a great solution, and it’s possible that you already have areas you have in mind. Utilize empty dead space in your Philadelphia home by adding storage and put them to work! Artist render of built-in storage under stairs

Creating Storage in Benches, Under The Stairs, and Other Void Spaces

Are there areas in your home that are closed off for no reason? Benches positioned by windows frequently don’t have anything stored under them; create a hollow seat, perfect for storing away toys and other essentials. 

You can add storage under stairwells by adding a hanging rod for coats, or drawers and cabinets for keys and overflow storage. Otherwise, stairwells will simply be a dead space in your home.

You may also have areas that are simply inaccessible, such as pantries with shelves that are too deep, or closets that have sides that can’t be reached. This is still useful storage space, you simply need to find a way to access it. 

Apart from these, look for areas in your home that you simply don’t use. Is there a corner tucked away in your living room? A compact bookshelf can fit the small space and give you additional storage.

Adding Shelves and Cabinets to Vertical Space

luxurious living room with built-insShelves and cabinets can be a great way to store items without having to alter the footprint of your home or reduce your existing living space. When designed and installed by a professional, custom cabinets and shelves can support a lot of weight. Bringing other items off the floor, such as mounting televisions, can also improve the amount of room you have in your home.

In bathrooms, setting shelves into the wall, such as a medicine cabinet, can provide new shelving space without jutting into your floor plan. Corner shelving units can also be installed, which can store a large number of items in a fairly small space. You could also consider a built-in wardrobe just outside your bathroom for linens, towels, and extra bathroom products.

When adding storage to your home, your ultimate goal should be to get things tucked away in the most organized, space-efficient fashion. Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia can help you organize your home, by adding new storage options and helping you better utilize your existing space. For more information, get in touch with us by giving us a call or visiting us in our showroom!

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