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Closet Design: Boutique-Style

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Boutique custom closet design Philadelphia

Boutique custom closet design PhiladelphiaFor many homeowners, closets have moved far beyond merely functional. Your bedroom closet can be much more than just a place to store your wardrobe. Use these tips and ideas for turning your Philadelphia bedroom closet into a relaxing boutique-style haven.

1. Elegant Shoe Shelves

Put all of your favorite shoes on display with streamlined shelving as part of your closet system. Shelving can be manufactured to your exact specifications in varying lengths and heights to ensure there is a place for every style and shoe type that you own.

2. Glass Front Cabinetry

Glass cabinets can help transition between open and closed shelving, and let you easily see the contents of your closet. Clear, frosted, or subtly etched glass can add an elegant design effect.

3. A Closet Island

Add chic extra storage as well as a place to set your accessories by adding an island. This works well for large walk-in closets. Ensure that you will be able to walk around the island and reach into any drawers during the design process.

4. Boutique Closet Dresser

In addition to (or instead of) an island, consider building in a small dressing table with mirror. Plenty of drawers will give you space for beauty products and make it easy to do your hair and makeup as you choose your outfit for the day. Add an ornate chair or space-saving stool that can be easily tucked under the dresser when not in use.

5. Accessories Additions

Consider how to best store your accessories and let custom closet solutions help make it a reality. Pullout storage for belts and scarves as well as smaller drawers for jewelry, watches, and other key accessories will keep them neatly tucked away but always within reach.

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6. Lighting Considerations

Carefully consider your lighting choices as well. Track lighting, recessed lighting, and wall sconces are just a few ideas. For more drama, add an elegant chandelier or pendant lighting. Use warm temperature bulbs for a cozy feeling, but make sure they are bright enough so you can find pieces with ease.

7. Details and Finishing Touches

Key flourishes can add the perfect finishing touches to your boutique closet and really make it your own. For example, ornate gold or silver hardware on drawers and cabinetry can accent your closet components for optimal visual interest. Or consider additional molding or toe kicks for a super luxurious look.

Elevate your bedroom closet from ordinary to something truly special by creating your very own boutique closet. With the right décor elements and smart organization solutions, you can create the closet you’ve always dreamed of. Give Closet & Storage Concepts, serving the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas, a call to get started!

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