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Preventing Closet Overflow

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large walk-in closet system South Jersey

large walk-in closet system South JerseyA master bedroom offers a private and relaxing place for spouses to get away from the hectic hustle and bustle of daily life. It is also common for many master bedrooms to have large walk-in closets that can be separated into two different areas. Unfortunately, many people overstuff their closets.

Over time, you may find your items overflowing into your spouse’s designated space. This problem causes your spouse to leave their clothing items scattered throughout your bedroom, or even around the house. This results in a cluttered bedroom that doesn’t accommodate anyone. Check out the following advice to prevent your closet from overflowing and becoming disorganized.

Evaluate Your Setup

The problem with closet overflow may actually lie with your closet’s layout and storage systems. If you bought an existing home, the closet may have been built to suit the needs of the previous owner, or not at all. This means that your closet may not be set up to efficiently use your space. If the present closet system isn’t ideal for your needs, it may be best to start over with a newly designed walk-in closet.

A professional closet designer and builder such as Closet & Storage Concepts of South Jersey can take your storage design ideas and evaluate your space to determine the best layout for your master bedroom. Our designers can also help you navigate different colors, finishes, and other design options.

Make sure your closets check off these four things.

Remove Unused and Unwanted Items

After your custom closet is built, only put the items you love and wear back. Create keep, toss, and donate piles to figure out what should stay or go. Get rid of items that are worn out or that you haven’t worn in many years. By going through your items and reorganizing things, you can cut down on the items you have to store in your closet. This prevents items from ending up in your bedroom.

Put Everything in Its Place

A lot of times blankets, sheets, curtains, and other linens will end up in a master walk-in. Instead of storing these items in your closet, consider putting certain things in other locations. Using custom shelving and other solutions can help you move seasonal blankets, curtains, and linens out of your master. This will ensure that your closet is used for one purpose and keep your closet organized.

Prevent closet overflow with smart solutions that help you conquer clutter and Make Room for Life®. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts serving Philadelphia and South Jersey to learn more about your walk-in closet design options.

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