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Get Your Home Ready for Summer

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home design materials and color swatches

The top 7 things to do for a happy home that’s summer-ready!

home design materials and color swatches

If you’re eagerly awaiting summer like us, get your home ready for the upcoming season. Find ideas to prepare your Philadelphia home below.

Get art up

If you just moved to a new home, make it a priority to get art up on the walls. This is an easy project that can make your new home feel like yours. If you’re feeling like you’re in a bit of a design funk, consider changing art posters and photos with something new. Choosing new photos from your latest adventure or event is an affordable way to give your space some new life.

Clean off open shelving items on display

When it comes to cleaning, a little dusting can help your home feel cleaner and brighter. In particular, look at rooms where you have open shelving. Dust off items and clean off all those trinkets. A short burst of cleaning is a great way to transition to a new season.

Add outdoor seating

Prep for summer parties by tending to your seating now. See if you need to replace outdoor cushions or if they just need to be washed off. Also, consider replacing any broken lawn chairs or upgrading your existing seating for something that fits your space.

Linen party

With warmer weather, you can shed heavy comforters. As you’re giving your bed a fresh look, be sure to wash your sheets, vacuum your bed (trust us on this one), and store your linen with proper storage. If you’re running out of storage for sheets and blankets, look underneath your bed or in your closets. Vacuum sealed bags can help you save space and organized closets can make it easy to store everything you need. hvac service repairman

Inspect AC units

Don’t be without your air conditioner this summer! Getting an inspection and making sure everything is running smoothly can make help ensure that your home is being energy efficient and save you money.

Prepare for other home projects

Those projects you’ve been trying to tackle all winter? Get started on them now that the warmer is starting to warm up. Think about exterior projects like painting, power washing, or replacing your roof. Reach out to contractors and experts to start planning. Summer can be a busy time for these projects, so make sure you plan ahead!

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