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The Case for Customized Shoe Storage

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shoe storage shelving with rail Philadelphia

shoe storage shelving with rail PhiladelphiaShoe racks aren’t just for those shoe-obsessed fashionistas in your life. If you have a large family or if you have a no-shoe policy in your home, a shoe rack can help you keep your home neat, tidy, and organized. These handy racks, which are available in multiple sizes, shapes, and styles, will help save you time and energy searching for the perfect shoe. Read on for why and how to get shoe storage customized for your life.

Before You Start

Before deciding on a custom shoe storage solution, it’s important to know how many shoes will need to be stored. Have a look at all the places you and your family keep your shoes and try to get rid of ones that you don’t need.  How to deal with shoes used for special occasions: If you do opt to keep some shoes that you only use for special occasions, store them carefully by allowing time for them to dry, stuff the inside of the shoes with enough material to keep the toe and heel in the right position, and then place them in a storage container.

Get Started

Once you know how much shoe storage space you need, it’s time to call in professional help. While you could create your own DIY storage solution, it’s far better to have a reputable company such as Closet & Storage Concepts Philadelphia handle the creation of new closets and storage space. Why go with pros: Having a professional company do the job saves you time and hassle, ensures that there are no mistakes, and can even boost your home’s value if you opt to sell it at a later date. 

Planning Ahead

At the same time, be prepared to work with the company you hire to ensure your new storage space meets your current and future needs. Bear in mind that it’s often better to create a bit more storage space than you currently as shoe collections can change. Other considerations: You will also want to consider your home’s decor, current and future plans, and other factors when deciding how much storage space to create for your shoes. 

Closing Thoughts

Custom storage space can solve your shoe storage problem for good and make it easy for you to keep shoes in good condition. A custom closet with shoe storage space in your home’s entrance provides a tidy, convenient place for visitors to remove their shoes if you so desire. Decide on how much storage space you need, make sure your new storage area will be just right for you and your family, and then hire a custom closet designer to turn your dream into a reality. 

Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia is your local choice for customized shoe storage. We serve clients in the greater Philadelphia-metro area, South Jersey, and the Shore. Experience a world-class customer experience by giving us a call or visiting our showroom at the Marlton Crossing Shopping Center.