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Our Favorite Closet Accessories

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Philadelphia valet closet rod

Do you struggle with a place to iron clothes? Or maybe you need more storage for out-of-season clothes that can’t be folded up or stored underneath your bed. Or maybe you’re tired of laying out your clothes on a chair or bench. Closet accessories can help you fix all of these problems and many other closet struggles. Read on for some of our favorite closet accessories! foldout ironing board custom closet Philadelphia

Hidden Ironing Board

If your Philadelphia home is short on space or you hate lugging a big ironing board around, consider a storable ironing board in your closet. This handy closet accessory comes in a couple of different options. One of our models drops down from your closet and uses support legs. Another option rotates out from your closet. Both easily tuck away and give you a centralized area to complete this task.

custom closet accessories Philadelphia

Vertical Wardrobe Lifts

To store out of season clothes, especially clothes that are prone to wrinkling, look to vertical wardrobe lifts! This closet accessory works well especially if you have tall ceilings. You pull the lift down using a rod handle. Once you have the items you need or were looking to store, you push it back up to store the items out of the way. Covers are sometimes added to prevent dust from settling on clothes. Use them to store bulky coats, silky shirts, dresses, or blazers.

Valet Rods

Philadelphia valet closet rodIf you love to plan your outfits the night before, you need a valet rod.  Rather than setting clothes out on a nearby chair or bench, use a valet rod to hang up your clothes. It will prevent wrinkles and ensure that your outfits are always ready to go in the morning. You can install multiple valet rods should you need them. Sometimes they can also be used to help keep clothes that have been worn but aren’t ready to be washed from mingling with your clean items.

Jewelry Dividers and Trays

Jewelry dividers and drawer inserts help you keep jewelry items tangle-free. It also makes it easy to see all of your pieces at a glance. We love using them to help our clients make the most of their closets and think you will love them too.

Closet & Storage Concepts is your choice for custom closet storage solutions in the greater Philadelphia area. Stop by our showroom in the Marlton Crossing Shopping Center to get started on your dream closet!

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