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Fold Versus Hang: Arranging Clothes in Your Closet

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looking into reach-in closet with shelvesNothing can slow down your day faster than creases in pants or stretched out blouses. You need to leave the house, but now you have to find the iron to get rid of the wrinkles before heading out to work. Buying new clothes won’t solve these problems. Instead, take a good look at how you store your clothes in your closet. Are you folding clothes that should be hung on hangers? Are you using the wrong hangers for your clothes? Here are some helpful clothes organizational tips from custom closet manufacturer Closet & Storage Concepts.

Junk the Wire Hangers

Stick with velvet-lined, padded, and wooden hangers for your clothing. There are specially made hangers for certain clothing items, such as blouse hangers for blouses and suit hangers for jackets, blazers, and sports coats. Hangers with soft clips are perfect for trousers and skirts or shirts without straps or sleeves.

Hanging Clothes by Fabric Type

Some fabrics are extremely delicate and will wrinkle when folded. Yet you also have to be careful about hanging certain fabrics because they can get crushed on overstuffed closet rods. Linen, rayon, and 100% cotton shirts or blouses can be hung on hangers. Consider using padded hangers for shirts, blouses, and dresses made out of silk, satin, taffeta, chiffon, and velvet. Use hanger straps (the ribbon-like straps sewn inside blouses) to help keep garments on hangers and to preserve their shape.

Hanging by Clothing Type

Although hanging clothes by fabric type is often best, you can also hang clothes based on clothing type. Blouses, skirts, dresses, dress pants, blazers, trousers, coats, and jackets are common types of clothes that you should hang.

Folding by Clothing and Fabric Types

You would be surprised by the number of items that should never be hung on a hanger. Heavy sweaters and evening gowns with heavy ornaments can actually be stretched out of shape when on a hanger. So it’s often better to fold these items. Also, consider folding any clothing that is thin, such as polo shirts and t-shirts.

Casual pieces such as knitwear can be folded. Sturdy fabrics such as corduroy, khaki, and denim can also be folded. Store clean folded workout clothes like leggings, tanks, and tees in a drawer or basket.

Next Steps

Once you know which items to hang and which to fold, you can rearrange your closet. Bring in professionals to give you a custom closet design remodel. The experts at Closet & Storage Concepts in Marlton, NJ can design, manufacture, and install a system to your exact specifications. Visit us today or call for your free estimate. We serve the greater Philadelphia area.

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