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Kid Closet Storage: Clothes and Uniforms

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Store All of Your Kids’ Clothes & School Uniforms Efficiently

organized kid custom closet PhiladelphiaIt’s already that time of year! It’s back to school season. No matter if your kids are required to wear a uniform at school or if you’re just unsure of how to store all of your kids’ clothes, we’re here to help. From polos to lacrosse gear, our Philadelphia experts are sharing their top tips below. 

Tops: T-Shirts, Button Up and Polos

From t-shirts to button-ups and polos, make room in their closet with solutions specifically for those items. For button-ups, to prevent wrinkles (and constant ironing), hang them up. Help them get into a habit of hanging up their button ups right after it’s been washed and ironed to keep it wrinkle-free. Utilize drawers and shelves to store t-shirts. Polos can either be folded or hung depending on personal taste.

Bottoms: Skirts, Slacks and Jeans

For skirts, slacks, and jeans, you’ll also want to ensure that you have proper hanging storage. Multiple hanging areas will work best to maximize space in your child’s wardrobe. Multi-hanging areas aren’t just for walk-ins. Our team has utilized them in many reach-in closet projects in the past. Custom organizers are perfect for finding ways to utilize a closet’s full potential. And professionals like our team in Philadelphia can provide support, design advice, and installation for a picture-perfect fit.


To keep sweaters neat, tidy, and in pristine condition, keep them folded. Folding will prevent them from stretching out. Use shelves and storage bins to keep them stacked and up together. Try to use storage bins made of fabric rather than metal to prevent snags.

Not sure what to fold or hang? We have the answers!

Sports Uniforms

Smelly uniforms? Consider storing sports equipment close to the laundry room. This prevents dirty clothes from mingling with clean ones, while also giving them a designated space. Utilize locker hooks and cabinets to hold cleats, uniforms, and more. Oversized baskets and bins can hold additional items that are irregular in shape – think tennis balls, swim goggles, and rackets.


If you’re a no-shoes-in-the-house type of household, shelving in your entryway or garage is perfect for storing your family’s shoes. If shoes are stored in closets, use shelves with shoe rails to keep shoes lined up neatly. Tilted shelves work well so kids can easily see the shoe they’re looking for.

Organize Your Child’s Closet

No matter the type of clothes your child needs to look their best for school, custom shelving, cabinets, and closet solutions are the answer to your storage problems. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts to get started. Serving the greater Philadelphia and South Jersey areas including Marlton, Cherry Hill, and the Shore.

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