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Pet Storage and Organization Ideas

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built-in cabinets South Jersey for pets and families

Getting a new pet means having a new family member to love and to take care of for the rest of their lives. Whether it is a playful kitten, cuddly lap dog, or a hamster rolling around in their plastic ball, you want to have a safe and healthy environment so they can explore their surroundings. However, homes can get cluttered with all of the new toys, bedding, cages, litter boxes, leashes, pet food, and trash bags without proper storage. built-in cabinets South Jersey for pets and families

When you are looking for the perfect spot for your pet’s things, a reputable home storage manufacturer such as Closet & Storage Concepts here in Philadelphia and Marlton, NJ can help you design custom storage solutions based on your needs. Get more ideas and tips below!

Pet Food and Treat Storage Pantry

It might seem like a good idea to keep dry pet food bags and treats in a utility closet or underneath the kitchen sink. However, you want to avoid storing pet food and other supplies anywhere near moisture, cleaning chemicals, or tools that could contaminate food. You also want to keep sponges and cleaning chemicals out of their paws (and mouth) so they don’t get sick!

A closed kitchen pantry can help keep pet food and treats in a dedicated location away from household hazards. Using air-tight containers can also prevent your pets from getting into open bags and ward off potential pests such as rodents or mice.

Entryway Cabinets for Pets on the Go

For pets that love to go outside, you’ll likely have a number of items to keep them happy. From leashes and collars to toys and pooper scooper shovels, you want them handy when your pet is ready to get to the dog park.

An entryway cabinet is a perfect spot to store these items. Cabinet systems can come in an open rack/hook design to hang your coats while side shelves and cabinets underneath a sitting bench provide storage. You can place all of your pet’s items, like accessories, toys, and trash bags all in one location for easy access.

Hallway Cabinets to Hold Comfortable and Cozy Pet Items

Pets love to feel safe and comfortable when it is time to settle down for the night. Whether you bought an actual pet bed, or just have some blankets and an old shirt set in a small pile for your dog to relax on, you want to have a place for their sleeping items. Get a custom small hallway cabinet to place extra bedding, covers, liners, and accessories for your pets. This prevents them from being mixed up with linens and items for the rest of your family. These cabinets also work well in a laundry or utility room.

Make room for your pet and for all of their things while making your home a safe and comfortable environment. Consider these organization tips to keep the pet accessory clutter down to a minimum so you have more room to play with your pets. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts to get started on your home storage project. Serving the greater Philadelphia-metro and South Jersey areas.

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