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Home Organization Inspired by Nordic Design

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cozy and organized scandinavian inspired living room

Achieve Coziness, Balance, and Order with These Design Tips

cozy and organized scandinavian inspired living roomNordic design is as much a life philosophy as it is a modernist art movement. The Danes champion hygge, a word best translated as coziness and well-being. Hygge incorporates everything from scented candles and chunky-knit blankets to cashmere socks and a warm fireplace. The Swedes, meanwhile, are passionate advocates of logom, which means “balance” or finding just the right amount, a concept that can be easily applied to one’s lifestyle as well as home furnishings, storage solutions, and the color palette of a chalet-inspired great room. When you combine hygge and logom, you’re getting cozy and finding balance – decor trends that will inspire any homeowner who’s looking to personalize their living space. 

Geometric Shelving Units

Popular Scandinavian storage ideas include stacked shelving units and wall-mounted geometric shelves. Modular shelving systems are like building blocks; they’re versatile, clean-lined, and can be precisely coordinated into a tight grid. Simple geometric designs are a Scandinavian standard. Create symmetrical shelving and storage systems to incorporate a touch of Nordic design in your home.

Beyond the Brick-Like Storage Concepts

organized minimal reach-in closets PhiladelphiaThe Scandinavian aesthetic is marked by minimalism and functionality. It’s okay to think outside the box, and one way is to turn storage into decor. Even the most basic storage organizer –a shelf, basket, clothing rack, kitchen organizer, etc. – can be a focal point of a room. Instead of hiding the storage unit under the bed or in cabinets turn it into a work of art. Even a simple tray or basket for your keys can score big design points. In your closet system, let your clothes shine with open shelving units, complete with beautiful accessories.

Simple Ways to Space Save

With its minimally decorated and impeccably organized spaces, Scandinavian design can make your space feel bigger. It’s almost impossible to have a completely clutter-free home; however, you can pare down to the essentials. At the same time, there are space-saving tricks that will tidy the eye into believing a space is bigger than it is, and that’s the true art of home organization. Neutral colors like white or off-white will make any space feel more open. Avoid piles and stacks, and be sure to leave space between objects. Finally, natural light creates the illusion of volume. A few simple changes will make your home feel cozier and more balanced.

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