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Organizing Your Garage for Holiday Decorations

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holiday decoration storage in box

The holidays have come and gone, but are your decorations still lingering around your home? What about gift wrapping paper and greeting cards? Corral it all and get organized in your Philadelphia garage with storage solutions that are designed to Make Room for Life®. bucket of holiday decoration baubles

Evaluate Items

Before you put away lights, ornaments, or other holiday decorations, stop and pause. Take a moment to go through your items. Are there things you don’t love to use, but do so “just because”? This might be a sign that you’re ready for a change in terms of traditions or decorations.

How about what’s left in your garage? Is there a reason some items are still in their boxes? If you don’t plan on using it, it might be time to part ways. Take inspiration from Marie Kondo and leave things that no longer make you happy and excited. Now is a great time to find deals on holiday decorations that you love!

Store Like with Like

You wouldn’t store heavy items like your tree with delicate glass ornaments. Store similarly sized and types of items together. Delicate items should be wrapped carefully to prevent damage.

When you are storing items in larger boxes, try to arrange them so you can always see what you have and how much of that item you have. This will prevent duplicate purchases.

holiday decoration storage in box


The garage is often home to a lot of different items, like household cleaners, sports equipment, out-of-season clothes, and more. Label boxes so it’s always clear what’s in them. When possible, try to use transparent boxes as this helps you see what’s in each box. Sometimes it can be helpful to coordinate boxes based on their contents. For example, orange lids or labels can help you find Halloween decorations or a green lid can designate Christmas supplies.

Papers and Bags

We recommend keeping these sorts of items in separate containers from your decorations. Specific boxes or bins work well for bags. Even shelving dividers can work well and keeps items separated. A slat wall with wrapping paper pegs can help you create an organized gift wrapping station for the whole year.

Find Space in Your Garage

When it comes to storing bins and holidays items, look to sturdy and durable shelving and cabinets like those found at Closet & Storage Concepts. Our garage storage systems will help you create room for everything and make it easy to use your garage. We serve the greater Philadelphia and South Jersey areas. Give us a call or visit us in the Marlton Crossing Shopping Center!

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