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Organizing Tips for Smaller Spaces

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Small spaces can be cheaper to heat and cool and can be less stressful to clean and maintain. Unfortunately, small spaces are also prone to feeling cramped, cluttered, and disorganized.

Maximize small spaces with some simple techniques. The following are some helpful storage, décor, and organizational tips for small spaces from your local Philadelphia space-saving experts at Closet & Storage Concepts. space-saving library wall bed Philadelphia

Take a Vertical Approach

Make the most of the walls and corners in your small space by creating a floor-to-ceiling storage configuration. This will help maximize the functionality of the space. A cabinet, shelving, or drawers are just a few options for floor-to-ceiling vertical storage.

Wall Mounted Shelves and Cabinets

Shelving and cabinet storage attached to the walls can keep floor space free while providing extra storage space in smaller rooms. To keep the space from feeling cramped, consider a mix of open and closed shelving.

Furniture with Storage Included

When furnishing a small space, select pieces that include storage integrated within the design. Tables with built-in shelves or drawers, bench seating with storage space inside, and hidden wall beds and sofas are just a few examples.


Another approach making it easier to stay organized is to have fewer items to organize! Declutter by getting rid of the things you don’t use or need. Recycle them, donate them, sell them, or discard them. Be discerning with your future purchases as well and what you bring into your living space; a minimalist approach goes a long way in optimizing your small space.

Mirrors and Light Colors

Light colors brighten a space and make it feel more spacious. Decorate smaller rooms using light colored paint and fabrics. Mirrors, integrated lighting, and reflective surfaces can also help to open up a small area and make it feel larger and more spacious. 

Customized Solutions

A custom storage expert has the knowledge to maximize the most space-challenged of environments. Consider partnering with a proven professional to reduce stress and help you navigate through the process.

A reputable home storage system company like Closet & Storage Concepts can assist you in creating a home storage system that fits your needs. The right design can transform a small space and turn it into one you truly love.

Small rooms or living spaces don’t have to feel confining. Use these tips to stay organized, create the illusion of spaciousness, and optimize storage in smaller environments. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia and South Jersey today! 

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